• 6 DEC 2016

    Buying online life insurance easy?

    Buying insurance is considered as a pain by most people. This is because you have to let an agent  call on you. He or she will explain the entire scheme to you. You have to then make a decision based on the agent's opinion. If you want to have a second opinion, you have to let another agent call on you. Then follow the numerous follow-up phone calls. You are as it is not sure whether you are doing the right thing by buying the policy that you are. All in all, it's a situation where the decision that you take is mostly influenced by others

    But not any more

    With online insurance, all the above can be done away with. You can do your research staying within the confines of your home or office without having somebody breathing down your back to make the decision. You can generate the quotes for various life insurance policies of different companies. You can compare these quotes and find out which one suits you the best. After selecting the quote that you suits you the best, you can make the payment online and after the medical tests, the underwriting team of the insurer takes a decision to provide you with the policy. Once approved, you receive the policy bond in post. 


    The benefits of buying an insurance policy online are:

    1. Cheaper than offline policies

    Since there are no commissions being paid to agents & advisors, the online policies are discounted to that amount and hence become cheaper than offline plans.

    2.Easy and convenient to buy

    They are easy and convenient to buy. You can get most of the information on the click of a button. You can generate quotes, compare them, and finalise your deal, all at your own convenience.

    1. Easy research

    If you want to do some research on your own, you can do that without getting influenced by the opinion of an agent or advisor. You can conduct all your research yourself with complete freedom and take the best decision for yourself.


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