E-NACH is a convenient way to help you set up your bank account for future premium payments.

Other options you can try

  • Paytm

    Pay your premium on paytm websites.

  • Instappay

    Visit your bank's website and select instapay option. Choose "Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance" from list of payees under Insurance category and follow instructions to complete your payment.

How to register for Enach


Declaration & Disclaimer

  • I wish to avail of the Direct Debit facility and hereby express my unconditional consent to debit premium of my policy referred to above through participation in Automated Clearing House (ACH) / Direct Debit. I understand and agree that premium amount to be debited from my account may vary due to taxes and other statutory levies as may be applicable from time to time. I hereby declare that the particulars given are true, correct and complete.
  • I understand and accept that the transaction will be effected on the policy on the due date (provided the day is working day). If the transaction is delayed or not effected at all for reasons of incomplete or incorrect information, I shall not hold Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Limited responsible. I agree to discharge the responsibility expected of me as a participant under the scheme. I take full responsibility of genuineness and correctness of the details filled herein. 
  • I understand that the ‘max amount’ mentioned in the form is 20% higher than your current premium amount, or Non Ulips only. This is to ensure the NACH mandate does not get dishonoured due to subsequent changes to any statutory tax announced by the Government of India or due to additional product benefits opted under the policy. For example, if the modal payable with taxes is Rs.1000, the ‘max amount’ will be Rs. 1200 in the mandate. This is to prevent rejection/dishonour on account of any subsequent increase in statutory tax and/or any additional product benefit opted under the policy. The Amount debited will be the actual premium amount due.
  • I authorize the above mentioned bank to debit my bank account if my ACH/Direct Debit mandate is active and until I give a written request for cancellation of ACH/ Direct Debit.
  • I hereby authorize Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Limited, to enable the ACH/ Direct Debit facility for my premium payments and in the instance of Direct Debit /ACH debit dishonour, to re-debit my account with the mentioned bank to recover the premium payable.
  • In the future, if I opt out of ACH/ Direct Debit mode there may be increase in premium amount. I understand and agree that the submission of this form does not mean that the request will be processed.
  • I understand that any payout under the policy shall be strictly in accordance with the policy terms and conditions. Also any payment shall be subject to realisation of the last renewal premium payment.
  • I also understand and agree that the Company reserves the right to use any alternative payout option