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An Essential Life Kit Which Every Woman Needs!

  10/10/18 12:08 PM

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Jia is all set for the party. Beautiful saree with gold jewellery and high heels makes her look like a beauty queen as she used to be in college days. “It’s time to leave Jia”, Rohan ( Jia’s husband ) said. “Two minutes dear”, let me take my hand bag. And they left for the party.

Carpenters need their toolkits, divers need their scuba gear, and women need their handbags. Women may pretend that their purses are a part of their fashionable ensembles, but the truth of the matter is that their handbags serve as all-in-one toolkits. Here’s a quick look at just some of the essentials that women need to carry in their purses every day (apart from money, ID, and keys)

  1. Safety Pins

    These little lifesavers can help out when a button pops out or when your necklace clasp has suddenly stopped working.

  2. Plasters

    Of course, plasters are great when we get a paper cut or happen to scrape our knees. But, they really come handy when you are wearing a new pair of shoes that could be waging a war at the back of your heels.

  3. Hand Sanitiser

    All day long, you’re constantly coming in contact with a number of germs. The railing you need to grab to get onto the train in the morning, the door to the office, and yes, even the hands you have to shake through the day.

  4. Breath Mints

    Apart from getting rid of whatever aftertaste you have in our mouths after lunch, these cool candies will also help you stay awake at day long meetings.

  5. Hairbrush, Gloss and Eyeliner

    A quick brush out, perfect winged eyeliner, and a touch of gloss later, you are ready to create a dazzling first impression.

    There is another important essential that women need in their lives which can’t be added in your purse is a sound financial plan. As more and more women are choosing to live life independently, they need to ensure that they have taken measures to secure their financial future, as well the future of those they love, including their parents, siblings, spouse and children. And, as they all know, the most important part of any sound financial plan is a good life insurance policy.

    If you aren’t sure about the kind of insurance policy you should purchase, it’s a good idea to get yourself a term plan. These policies offer full life cover at fairly affordable rates.

    So ladies, you can choose to skip out the hairbrush, or even the sanitiser, but you absolutely cannot skip a term insurance plan it’s the only way you can truly be sure that you’ll always be there for your family even when you aren’t physically around anymore.

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