A life insurance plan that gives you Guaranteed Income

  • 01 Guaranteed and Tax Free Income
  • 02 Receive Income for as long as 18 years
  • 03 Flexible Payout Frequencies

plan definition

Edelweiss Tokio Life - Income Builder is an endowment life insurance plan that helps you build financial reserves. It gives the policyholder a regular income that is guaranteed as well as tax-free! It helps you in planning your dreams, your family’s future and also for the uncertainties of life. Additionally this plan has an option that will ensure that the family continues to receive a steady stream of income in case of an unfortunate demise of the Life Insured or in case of suffering from any covered critical illness.

key features

1Maturity Benefit Options

Regular Income:

A regular income instalment will be paid at regular intervals during the payout period

Regular Income plus Lump sum:

In addition to the regular income instalment, a lumpsum will be paid with the last regular income instalment.

2Option to Advance the Payout Date

Freedom to choose any date on which the policyholder will receive the regular income instalments. He/she also has an option to advance the Fist Payout Date by a maximum of 30 days.

3Frequency Options

Policyholder has the flexibility to receive regular income instalment in the frequency he/she chooses at policy inception. Payout frequency allowed are annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly.

4Two Plan Options


The maturity benefit is paid at the end of the policy period. It also provides life insurance cover to take care of loved ones in case of an unfortunate demise of the Life Insured. The payout is guaranteed and tax-free.

Secured Income:

This option ensures that in case of an unfortunate event of death or diagnosis of covered Critical Illness with the policy term, the family won’t have to bear the added financial burden. They won’t have to compromise their future plans. They’ll receive the regular payouts as and when due. Additionally, they won’t have to pay any premiums for the remaining policy term.

In addition, Critical Illness Sum Assured will be payable on diagnosis of covered critical illness and Sum Assured on Death will be payable in case of death of the life insured with the policy term.

 Secured Income plan option can be chosen only with Regular Premium Payment Option.


Riders can be added at the inception of the policy or at policy anniversary during the Policy Term subject to underwriting and terms and conditions of the riders and the product. Following riders are available with this plan.

*Note: Edelweiss Tokio Life – Payer Waiver Benefit Rider and Edelweiss Tokio Life – Waiver of Premium Rider won’t be offered under the Secured Income Option and with Single Premium Payment Option.

additional resources

product brochure

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sample contract

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rate table

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product disclaimer


eligibility criteria

1 Minimum Maturity Age (As on last birthday)
Base Option:
18 years

Secured Income Option:
24 years
2 Maximum Entry Age (As on last birthday)
Base Option:
55 years

Secured Income Option:
50 years
3 Maximum Maturity Age (As on last birthday
Base Option:
67 years

Secured Income Option:
62 years
4 Premium Payment Option
Base Option:
Single Premium / Regular Premium

Secured Income Option:
Regular Premium
5 Policy Term
Base Option:
Single Premium - 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 years
Regular Premium - 7 / 10 / 12 years

Secured Income Option:
7 / 10 / 12 years
6 Minimum Entry Age (As on last birthday)
Base Option:
For policy term 6 years - 12 years
For policy term 7 years - 11 years
For policy term 8 years - 10 years
For policy term 10 years - 8 years
For policy term 12 years - 6 years

Secured Income Option:
18 years
7 Payout Period
Single Premium:
For policy term 6 years - 6 years 
For policy term 8 years - 8 years
For policy term 10 years - 10 years 
For policy term 12 years - 12 years 
Regular Premium:
For policy term 7 years - 7 / 13 / 18 / 23 years
For policy term 10 years - 10 / 15 / 20 years
For policy terrm 12 years -  12 / 18 years
8 Premium Paying Term
Single Premium:
1 year

Regular Premium:
Equal to policy term
9 Minimum Sum Assured On Death
Single Premium:
Rs. 1,10,000

Regular Premium:
Rs. 3,00,000
10 Maximum Sum Assured On Death
No limit, subject to board approved underwriting policy
11 Minimum Premium
Single Premium:
Rs. 1,00,000

Regular Premium:
Rs. 30,000
12 Maximum Premium
No limit, subject to board approved underwriting policy
13 Premium Paying Frequency and Payout Frequency
Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly and Monthly

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