Edelweiss Tokio Life – Group Wealth Accumulation

Group Wealth Accumulation - A ULIP Group Insurance Plan for Employee Benefit

  • 01 To provide funds for making benefit payments
  • 02 Guaranteed Loyalty Additions
  • 03 Choice of multiple funds

plan definition

This is a non-participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan Intended to provide fund management for various employee benefit Schemes including Gratuity, Leave Encashment which can invest In the funds offered by Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co Ltd. In compliance with IRDA regulations at any point of time. UIN No: 147L014V02

key features

1benefits payable to member



- A fixed Sum Assured of Rs. 1000/- is paid on the unfortunate demise of the Life Assured.

- Benefits, as per scheme rules, are payable. However the company does not hold any obligation of payment to the members covered under the defined benefit schemes.

Guaranteed Loyalty Additions:

At the end of every policy year, loyalty units will accrue on the fund under management under each scheme. Loyalty units will be allocated to each scheme on the next working day of each policy anniversary date.

2benefits to the policyholder


- Guaranteed loyalty addition to fund value starting from the first year.

- Choice of multiple funds to support varying risk appetites.

- Protects against the unforeseen circumstances of benefit payments under employee benefit scheme, such as Gratuity and Leave Encashment benefit payouts.

- Facilities such as switching, premium redirection at no extra cost.

- Premium paid by employer is deductible as business expense as per Income Tax Act 1961.

additional resources

product brochure

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sample contract

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customer testimonials

eligibility criteria

1 entry age (last birthday)

Minimum : 18 years

Maximum : 79 years

2 maximum maturity age (last birthday)

maximum maturity age for life cover is 80 years

3 sum assured

sum assured is fixed at Rs 1,000 per member

4 minimum premium

Minimum premium

Initial premium: Rs 5,00,000

Renewal premium : Rs 10,000

5 frequency of payment

Annual, Semi Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Mode

6 group size

minimum group size is 10

customer testimonials

customer testimonials

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