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Meet CRISIL’s No. 1 Online ULIP for 2020

  2/19/20 9:51 AM

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Our recently launched ULIP, Wealth Secure+ has been ranked no. 1 in CRISIL’s ranking for Online ULIPs for 2020 on the basis of its cost-effectiveness.

What is CRISIL?

CRISIL is one of India’s foremost and trusted analytics companies that provides ratings, data, research and analytics about financial institutions and investment products. The analysis they provide helps investors make sound decisions.


CRISIL analyses primary features that ULIPs offer – life cover and investment on the basis of associated costs and portfolio performance. The portfolio performance assessment considers the risk-adjusted returns over the past five years and the cost assessment is done on the basis of the charges involved and benefits offered by the product. 

CRISIL ranks ULIPs under four categories – ‘Large-cap oriented funds’, ‘Mid-cap oriented funds’, ‘debt long term funds’, and ‘debt short term funds’.

What made Wealth Secure+ get the No. 1 position?

Wealth Secure+ has been identified as the lowest cost ULIP as per CRISIL. Investment in Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Secure+ starts with just Rs.1000/month. It offers unlimited premium redirection and charges nil premium allocation charges.

Wealth Secure+ offers the 5 pay, 5 stay option which allows the customer to pay premiums and avail benefits of the plan for a shorter duration of just 5 years too, unlike other investment products that only focus on long-term gains. The customer can choose to opt-out of the plan after 5 years or continue enjoying a life cover till the age of 100. This very feature makes Wealth Secure+ an ideal savings + protection product to plan your short-term as well as long-term goals.  

Moreover, Wealth Secure+ offers three plan options based on life events – Individual, Joint-Life and Child option. The customer can purchase the product for himself/herself or they can choose to include their spouses and child in the plan. They can also choose to switch between plan options keeping in mind certain terms and conditions.

Start saving with the No.1 Online ULIP today! 

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