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Top 3 Games That Can Help Pick the Best Insurance Plan

  10/9/18 10:23 AM

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Mobile games keep us occupied while we are travelling or taking a break from work!

Let’s look at five popular games and the Insurance secrets hidden in them. These gaming apps, very finely, bring in helpful Insurance lessons into the lives of the people using them. The important part is to absorb these lessons into your everyday life.

Let us begin with the old-school board game Monopoly.


Playing this cerebral game requires foresight and rational thinking. You must have learnt that you can’t win the game solely by making expensive property purchases. You also have to buy utilitarian properties so that you can earn money in the form of rent. Essentially, you must diversify and distribute your money to purchase properties of all shapes, sizes and benefits.

Lessons: Similarly, buying the most expensive term insurance plan is not the best route for ensuring the security of your family. Compare various term plans online and pick the one that best fits the lifestyle and needs of your family.

You can also diversify your financial portfolio by considering Unit Linked Insurance Plans.. ULIP not only provides long-term security but also helps in wealth creation. Like each puzzle is different from the other, the insurance needs of people also differ. You need to understand your insurance need and plan accordingly.

Pokémon Go

People are getting obsessed with the Pokemon Go. Travelling became a need of the game as players wandered all around the vicinity and beyond just to find Pokemon. For instance, a Ratata will give you few points but a Charizard will work wonders for you.

Lesson: Just like each Pokemon comes with its unique add-ons, it becomes crucial to decide the correct add-ons for your Insurance policy. It is imperative to choose the exact riders and tick the right boxes while getting yourself and your family covered. Do not let something unanticipated, that can be tackled ahead of time; ruin the financial security of your family.

Candy Crush

You must have witnessed how people go gaga over this game and many of us have even been a part of the bandwagon. The rules of the game are simple- you start off with easy to solve levels and make your way up to more difficult and complex levels that may sometimes take days to crack. The game keeps getting tougher. It takes more concentration and presence of mind to cross every level.

Lesson: Similarly, if you buy insurance early in your life then it will be highly beneficial. Getting a life cover will get difficult as you grow older. You can always top-up your sum assured and customise it according to your needs. But it’s always better to start early.

Now that you have understood that these popular games can mean much more if you are ready to learn from the strategies and plans that can be executed while playing them!

Insurance is an important aspect of protecting oneself and the more you learn about it and the better the benefits.

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