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Discover Your Era: A Slice of Life Reflection in 2024

  8/5/23 9:17 AM

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Imagine a conversation between the two eras 1960 and 2018 on buying insurance!

1980 and 2018 meet at a restaurant where they decide the list of tasks they need to do.

The list includes paying bills, buying groceries, buying clothes and even buying insurance.

1960 “These are too many things. I don’t think I will be able to manage it within 24 hours. I have to go to the market, then stand in long queues to pay my bills, then decide what to buy and shop for a family get together and after which the next task is almost impossible because to buy a life insurance plan I have to get in touch with my agent. ”

2018 “ I think all of these can be fairly done. I have already purchased groceries and clothes, now I’m paying a few bills, post that I will buy a life insurance plan.”

1960 “ I’m very sure that buying a life insurance plan is a very tedious task that will require ample of time because you will need to visit an agent, he will help you evaluate all policies and then choose the right one for you.”

2018 “ No, I can buy a life insurance plan in the next one hour instantly and then do my other important work which is pending for the rest of the day. I don’t need an agent.”

1960 “How is that possible?”

2018 “I understand that you are from an earlier era but now that you have met 2018 i.e. me you can be rest assured that everything can be purchased online conveniently. That also includes life insurance!”

1960 “Oh wow! Can you please tell me about the process involved?”

2018 “Sure. The steps are simple and as follows;

Step 1: Compare all policies online.

Now that you can do everything online, the comparison becomes a simple process. Check out different plans and choose the one that suits your needs

Step 2: Calculate the premium

An online calculator will guide you as per how much insurance cover you need plus your eligibility to get the same. This analysis is non-biased and will help you get a fair estimate of your insurance needs.

Step 3: Apply

Fill the application online. It’s transparent and simple. But remember, you need to enter all details accurately without any unclear or false information as this may affect your premium, sum assured and even claim.

Step 4: Review

Read all terms and conditions carefully. Most companies provide upfront information online. Make sure you research and you’re aware of all details to avoid future discrepancies.

Step 5: Pay Premium

Choose a premium payment mode as per your convenience and pay your premium online.

And there you go! Your policy is purchased and will be issued soon. Even the submission of documents can be done online via email or whatsapp. Your medicals will also be scheduled as per your convenience and availability.

1960 “Wow. I wish I experienced all of this earlier!”

Even 1960 has agreed that 2018 is an era of convenience and simple processes. What are you waiting for? Buy your insurance plan online right away!


Chirag Iyer - BFSI Enthusiast

Chirag is a writer and an avid reader who loves to drink coffee! His other interests include boxing, karate, and singing.

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