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The Book That Can Change Your Life Forever

  7/31/23 6:27 AM

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This book is said to have changed the life of one of the most popular of Indian film singers of our time Sonu Nigam forever. But why only him this book has the potential to change everyone’s life forever.

Do you get disturbed with small irritations? Do you find it difficult to keep your cool? Do you get upset and angry very soon? Do you sweat the small stuff? This book will help you to deal with small stuffs more comfortably without sweating.

The author Dr. Richard Carlson, says it’s all small stuff. The title of the book is Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, and It all small stuff.

This small book is divided into 100 small kinds of stuff. The author guides readers on how to deal in these kinds of situations.

The book starts with a quote,” The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by alerting his attitudes.” William James.

This quote says it all.

The author writes, “We fail to recognise that the way we relate to our problems has a lot to do with how quickly and efficiently we solve them.”

Many time imperfection of others influences your mood. But you never realise how your obsession with perfection influence moods of people around you and your own mood.

In the chapter, Make Peace with Imperfection;

“I have yet to meet an absolute perfectionist whose life was filled with inner peace. The need for perfection and the desire for inner tranquillity conflict with each other. … The strategy has nothing to do with ceasing to do your very best but being overly attached and focussed on what’s wrong with life.

It’s about realising that while there’s always a better way to do something, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy and appreciate the way things are.“

A profound insight into the situations most of us always struggle with. & what to do in such a situation?

“Gently remind yourself that life is okay right now. In the absence of your judgment, everything would be fine.”

Accepting imperfection and moving ahead is the key. Don’t get stuck.

Another gem in the book is about our hyperactive way of living.

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“People are no longer human beings. We should be called human doings.” By quoting his therapist La Corner, the author writes,” If you allow yourself to be bored, even for an hour or less and don’t fight it, the feelings of boredom will be replaced with feelings of peace. And after a little patience, you will learn to relax.”

The author says there isn’t a specific technique other than to consciously do nothing. Just sit still, perhaps look out of the windows, and notice your thoughts and feelings. …. The payback is tremendous.

The beauty of doing nothing is that it teaches you to clear your mind and relax. Just like your body, your mind needs an occasional break from the hectic routine.

The author guides everyone to schedule time for your inner work. He writes, if you wait until all your chores, responsibilities and everything else is done before you get started it will never happen. Guaranteed.”

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This is a must-read book for your inner peace. Inner peace will evade you as long as you sweat the small stuff.

“When you don’t sweat the small stuff your life won’t be perfect but you will learn to accept what life has to offer with far less resistance.”

This book will benefit from the Chapter One itself.

Hope you like the book. Share your stories of dealing with your small & big stuff.

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Neha used to be an Engineer by Profession and Writer by passion, which is until she started pursuing full-time writing. She's presently working as a Financial Content Writer, with a keen interest in all things related to the Insurance Sector.

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