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10 Good to Know Diwali Holiday Tips for You

  10/24/22 5:28 AM

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Are you planning a holiday trip during this Diwali? It is a good decision. Rejuvenation is necessary for better efficiency.

To make this holiday memorable, you also need to take some more decisions. These decisions will make your holidays less risky.

Travailing to unknown places is risky. But some risks are worth taking in life. To enjoy these risks you need to know the risks which you should avoid.

“There’s something about a holiday that isn’t all about how much money you spend”. Hilarie Burton

Fulfilling your dreams and aspirations is our vision at Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance. In order to do so mitigate the hindrances is our business.

Enjoy your holidays, enjoy your travelling. Be safe and have fun.

Here we present in brief tips to make your dream Diwali travel plan much more enjoyable and memorable. Some of the tips will help you to mitigate the risks

  • Take Travel Insurance

This is the first thing you should do to travel safely. Travel insurance covers damage or loss of baggage, flight cancellation, medical emergencies, and accident coverage.

Having a travel insurance make you relieved of the many risks you might have to deal with while travelling.

This makes your journey more enjoyable.

  • Share Your Itinerary with Family and Friends

Yes, this is helpful. In case of an emergency, they know about your likely location.

Also, share your hotel names and contact numbers as you travel.

  • Travel Light

Keep your luggage light. This is useful in two ways. You don’t need to manage much baggage so you can enjoy more and second, you have the lesser risk to manage.

Travel light is the fundamental goal you should aim for while packing your baggage. You will thank yourself.

  • Check Reviews

Before you visit a place, check the reviews of the places; know the experience of the travellers who have travelled before you. This will help you to prepare well in advance.

Before you book hotels, read as many reviews as possible. This will help you to know more about the place, property, and food.

Reading reviews is a mandatory exercise.

  • Eat Safe

“People will travel anywhere for good food – it’s crazy.” Rene Redzepi

This is good but health first.

While travelling, it is always advisable to eat light. Eat at hygienic places, try more local foods, and avoid fried and stale foods. Always eat hot and cooked food.

Carry water bottles, and avoid water from unsure sources. Remain hydrated.

Take care of your health and enjoy your journey.

  • Keep First Aid

It is advisable to keep the first aid box with you. While travelling, doctors might not be as close as you might have in your own city.

Carry your basic home medicines with you.

This is more required when you are travelling with your children and parents.

  • Keep Local Emergency Numbers Handy

Before you start your journey keep local emergency numbers like travel desk of the Govt Tourism Department, local hospitals, local travel agent, car rental company, insurance company, your family doctor, and your bank number.

These are the numbers which you may need during an emergency.

Once you have taken care of your travel safety tips, here are three tips on how to travel well.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Mark Twain

  • Travel with People You Like

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.”Ernest Hemingway

This is important as your company can make or break your journey. To enjoy your travel, select your company carefully.

Solo travel is also in vogue. This can give altogether a different experience.

  • Walk the Streets

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine

To read more pages this is the right way to travel. Walking the street of the destinations is an enjoyable way to travel.

Cherish the place. It can happen by becoming local of the place. Walk the streets, visit a local market, meet local people, and know their lives.

Coming back with a different perspective in life is the purpose of travelling. Find reasons to experience new things – places, food, and people.

  • Enjoy the Journey

“The journey not the arrival matters.” T.S Eliot

Many people just want to do more in fewer days. Travelling is not just touch and go. Travelling is also not just a record keeping.

At the end of the journey it is not the number of paces you have visited, but how your travelling has changed your worldview that matters.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

If you see one place less it won’t matter but if you don’t savour the place there is no point of travelling.

Be safe, have fun, fulfil dreams, and celebrate the festival

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