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If He Can, Why Can't You?

  7/1/23 6:05 AM

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Amit recently visited Bhopal for some official work and it was 7:15 pm in the evening. When he came out of a building in New Market, he booked a cab from Bhopal to Indore and he was ready to go back. He called up the cab driver and after waiting for 20 mins he got inside the cab.

They were going back to Indore. Amit asked him some questions about his life, a bit about his financial life and his work schedule. Amit observed a few things after the conversation with the cab driver.

1. He drives 400 km EVERYDAY

Amit asked him if travels to Indore often? He said daily. This means he drives close to 10,000-12,000 KM every month. His legs and back ache a lot and sometimes it’s so bad, he can’t explain it.

2. No family life

He told how his life is tough and there is no energy left once he is back home. He has no motivation to talk to his kids or spouse. Even when he has to drop or pick someone, he has nothing to do and he just sits inside the car and it’s really tough to do that, day after day, month after month and year after year. It’s the height of boredom.

3. He had a life insurance

Amit realized that his job is very risky. He has to drive each day and he is prone to accidents. His legs are so important for his job and to earn the money. Amit thought he will explain to him why he should think of covering these risks and asked him “Do you have Insurance?” “Yes Sir, I have life insurance which will provide a little amount to my family if something were to happen to me.”

Amit was a bit shocked to hear that because he didn’t expect him to have that. He told Amit that one of his friends who is an agent had explained to him about these products and how it might help him. Amit was taken aback for a while, he is more educated and a high income earning individual has been overlooking the importance of life insurance for the past 5 years.

4. He saved Rs 4,000 per month in Recurring deposit

Though his earnings were limited and he was on a tight budget, he told Amit that he managed to save Rs 4,000 per month. He gave it to his wife every month which is invested in a recurring deposit.

The cab driver did few things correctly which even many of us with a lot of privilege fail to do. The cab driver saved some part of his income every month even though he wasn’t earning a huge amount. He had life insurance plan which is really commendable. Amit realised that if he can think about his family’s financial security in his absence what was Amit is waiting for? Without wasting a second Amit searched online term insurance plans that would give his family a financially secure life even after his demise


Swati Tumar - Travel & Finance Writer   

Swati is a Writer in the day and an illustrator at night. Among her interests, she is quite fond of art and all things creative. She often indulges herself in creating doodles, illustrations, and other forms of content. She identifies herself as an avid traveler and shameless foodie.

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