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5 Things to Do If You Are in A Lockdown on Your Birthday

  3/30/20 11:26 AM

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Whether you’re the kind of person who starts their birthday countdown 3 months in advance or someone who doesn’t like to make a big deal out of it, you got to admit; birthdays are special. It’s the one day in a year that’s just for you.

Be it a big party with friends, a cozy dinner with family or a relaxing vacation, birthdays are meant to be celebrated. But what if your birthday falls during the Great COVID-19 of 2020? Going by the memes floating around on social media, it means that your birthday is ruined, right?

Wrong. Just because you can’t step out of the house on your birthday, doesn’t mean you can’t make it count.

Here are 5 things to do if you are in a lockdown on your birthday:
1. Bake a Cake with your Housemates
A cake is one of the most integral parts of a birthday. While getting a cake from a bakery may not be possible during this home quarantine phase, nothing’s stopping you from baking a birthday cake with your family, at home. You’ll find tons of recipes for your favourite cake flavours online. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be like a professional cake, the fun you’ll have while baking together will be worth the effort.

2. Secure your Future
A great thing to do on your birthday is to make a promise in securing the lives of the people you love. The ideal time to buy a life insurance policy is at least a day before your birthday as your premium will increase once you turn a year older. You also have a lot of time to go through different life insurance plans online, while you’re at home. You can compare plans and choose one which is best suited to your requirements.

3. Have a Video Party
Just because you can’t meet all your friends on your birthday in person, doesn’t mean you can’t see them at all. Get all your friends who you’d normally meet on your birthday on a video call and spend time interacting with them. Some apps even let you play group games while video calling.

4. Bring a Vacation Home
A lot of people wish to travel to a new place on their birthdays. During a lockdown, you can bring that place to your home by reading books about it, watching movies around it, and trying some authentic recipes from the region you want to visit.

5. Make a Wish List for Your Next Birthday
Be positive and believe that this phase is going to be over soon. Make a list of the wishes you want to be fulfilled by your next birthday. Your wish list could be anything you want; wanting to get healthier, learning a new skill, pursuing a hobby, buying a new car, etc. List these things down and start working on whatever you can right now and keep going at it. You’ll be surprised by the number of things you would have achieved by next year.

If your birthday is around the corner, we wish you a very happy birthday. Stay positive and trust that this too shall pass.

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