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Best Investment Plans with High Returns In 2020

  1/2/18 6:40 AM

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After having worked hard to earn, why invest in investment products with low returns when you can enjoy higher returns with better savings plans? An ideal investment plan is one that allows for investing in products that yield a high return over time. High returns equal more savings, and savings are what matters to achieve a financially secure future.

There are numerous investment plans available in the market, but only a handful provide high returns. High returns don’t necessarily mean a high-interest rate. It means that you invest your money in products that can multiply your principal amount by a considerable margin.

The best investment plans with high returns

Usually, we tend to go for money back plans or retirement plans instead of market-linked plans for investment. However, to secure your future financially and to increase your savings, you can consider investing in the following investment products, which are regarded as the best investment plans with high returns:

  • Equity: Investing in stocks can be highly risky, but can provide a high return in the long term. If you are careful enough and have done thorough research, you can make huge profits in the share market. Keep in mind that the share market is highly volatile. It would be wise that you consult a financial adviser before investing. Most market-linked plans offer higher returns over the long run.
  • ULIP: Considered as one of the best savings plans, ULIP provides you with benefits of an insurance and a financial product. You can choose the funds of your choice and can invest a particular portion of your premium in them. A ULIP provides you with high returns in the way of regular returns on your investments and a death or maturity benefit. Apart from the traditional ways, it adds to your overall return by way of  ULIP tax benefits as you can save a considerable amount of tax under section 80C and 10(10D).
  • Endowment policy:  Endowment insurance policy is a savings plan which provides you with a lump sum amount at the end of maturity of the term or in the event of death. In return for paying a little amount regularly as premium, you are provided with high returns as a lump sum amount. This amount can be used to cover all the unavoidable and unexpected expenses, which otherwise will drain all of your savings.
  • Cryptocurrencies: With Bitcoins being all the rage today, you know that cryptocurrencies are set to be a more significant thing in the future. Though the cryptocurrency craze has died down a little, it will bring more clarity and regulative management in the field, thereby increasing investor confidence.
  • Real estate: Real estate can appreciate multifold in its value in just a few years. You can buy a house or a flat today and can get high returns after selling it in the future. After the introduction of RERA, it is one of the safest and fastest ways to earn a high return on your investments.

Edelweiss Tokio Life provides you with the best investment products that can yield you high returns in just a few years. All of our products come with the option of adding riders to customize them according to your lifestyle. Tax benefits are also available under section 80C and 10(1D).

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