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Planning for Retirement? Here's How You Should Save!

  6/27/23 4:54 AM

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Planning for the second innings of your life is critical if you wish to fulfil all those post-retirement checklists – be it foreign travel or a child’s marriage or living peacefully in your own house. These dreams could be fulfilled if you start saving early and correctly to ensure you have enough funds when you retire. And here is how you can do it!

How Should You Save for Your Retirement?

· The earlier you start saving, the better it is: Save a portion of your income on a regular basis to ensure a larger savings corpus. You may also be able to prepare an early retirement plan.

· Identify the Financial Needs: Consider your financial needs during your active professional years and determine the amount needed to keep you comfortable after retirement.

· Avoid unnecessary expenses: Always spend wisely and try to pay off your loans on time to avoid carrying them into your retirement years. A debt-free retired life is a stress-free life!

· Timely planning of finances: Invest early and in a few different and safe avenues to ensure that the returns are good enough to provide robust financial support in the later years.[PP1] 

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To choose an appropriate plan cut out for your requirements, an annuity plan calculator can help you come to a decision on the best annuity plan for yourself - from an immediate annuity plan to a deferred plan, the choice is yours!


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