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When Everything Goes Wrong!

  8/19/23 4:24 AM

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For Rohan, a marketing manager, yesterday was the day when nothing was going right. It all began when he woke up late which led to him being late for work!

He didn’t want to miss the bus to work, so he rushed to his room to get dressed. He ran to the bus stop, only to learn that the transport corporation employees had gone on a strike. He decided to travel to work via railways so he walked down all the way to the railway station.

After boarding and travelling in a crowded train for nearly an hour, he somehow managed to alight at his destination with his life and limb intact, though he was in a bedraggled mess. He was glad that atleast he reached on time for his upcoming meeting.

The meeting was important for Rohan since he was presenting the new software his team had developed for improving employee productivity. He rushed to the conference room. He began speaking, “Good morning! Today, we will be unveiling software that will boost your productivity in the workplace. As you all know…” He’d opened his presentation on the laptop just to notice that the final changes he had made weren’t saved. He blanked out and then realized that it was just meant to be a day when everything would go wrong.

Rohan’s story shows that nothing in life is certain. While things may run smoothly most of the time, there may be tough times looming somewhere around the bend. It might not be pleasant or easy when things go wrong, but there are ways to deal with it. The little unpredictable mess ups can still be handled but major uncertainties like death, disability or disease can’t be rectified easily as they involve lives. When such major unfortunate uncertainties occur, it not only hampers the individual’s life but it affects everyone around him/her. Life insurance understands the importance of lives and so there are term plans.

Opting for a comprehensive term plan can help you protect yourself and your loved ones from such crisis in life. Plans such as Edelweiss Tokio Life – Zindagi Plus ensure complete financial security against the three Ds: disability, death, and disease.

It also understands that every individual has different needs and so the plan has benefits that are personalized and comprehensive.

It provides a Top up benefit. This benefit is complements your life perfectly. It understands that as your life progresses your responsibilities increase. This may require your to get an additional life cover. When you choose the top-up benefit the sum assured increases starting from the first policy year. This makes it simpler for you to manage as you won’t have to buy a new term plan again.

The second benefit is the waiver of premium benefit. With an increase in levels of stress and lifestyle disorders, critical illnesses are no more uncommon. When an individual is diagnosed by a critical illness he/she is unable to manage finances smoothly and hence the waiver of premium benefit waives off all future premiums on diagnosis of specified critical illness.

There are also riders which you can choose to get comprehensive protection from critical illnesses, hospitalization and accidents/

Purchasing an online term plan is simple, instant and convenient. The premium rates are also comparatively lesser since you are buying directly from the insurer, and the entire process is virtual and no agent or logistics cost is involved. Moreover, Edelweiss Tokio Life has a live chat option where you can have your queries resolved quickly by an insurance advisor.


Swati Tumar - Travel & Finance Writer   

Swati is a Writer in the day and an illustrator at night. Among her interests, she is quite fond of art and all things creative. She often indulges herself in creating doodles, illustrations, and other forms of content. She identifies herself as an avid traveler and shameless foodie.

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