Wealth Plus - a ULIP Investment Plan that Invests with you

  • 01 additional allocation
  • 02 rising star benefit
  • 03 multiple investment strategies

plan definition

Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Plus is a one of its kind unit linked life insurance plan that meets your investment needs by investing 100% of your premium and further allocating additional amount to your policy. The Plan also offers Rising Star Benefit that ensures that your child’s financial future is secured even in your absence. UIN: 147L055V02

key features

1tax benefits


Your premiums are exempt from tax under section 80(C) and even the maturity amount is exempt under section 10(10D). Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws.

2additional allocations



Every year, additional allocations (as a percentage of one annualised premium) are added to the fund on every premium paid by you during the premium paying term thereby accelerating your wealth accumulation.




Extra Allocations / Premium Boosters

(% of one annualised premium)

1 to 5


6 to 10


11 to 15


16 to 20

3invest money based on your risk appetite!


You have an option to choose one of the following investment strategies based on your profile and risk appetite:


Life stage and duration based strategy: We will manage your asset allocation. This creates an ideal balance between equity and debt based on your age and years to your goal.


Self-managed strategy: Wherein your money will be allocated to your choice of fund(s) out of 5 different funds.

4rising star benefit


Opt for Rising Star Benefit to ensure that your child’s future financial needs are taken care of even in your absence. On death of the parent, a lumpsum amount will be paid immediately. All future premiums would be waived off and immediately credited to your fund value by the Company plus all the applicable additional allocation will be added to the policy as and when due. Your child continues to enjoy the policy benefits.

additional resources

product brochure

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product disclaimer


policy document

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policy charges

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customer testimonials

eligibility criteria

1 Entry Age (as on last birthday)

Minimum – 1 year  

Maximum – 55 years 
2 Maturity Age (as on last birthday)

Minimum – 18 years

Maximum – 70 years
3 Policy Term

10 - 20 years
4 Premium Paying Term

Limited Pay:
Minimum - 5 years
Maximum - Policy term minus 1

Regular Pay: 
Equal to Policy Term
5 Premium Paying Frequency


Half – Yearly 


6 Sum Assured

10 x Annualised Premium
7 Annualised Premium

For Annual,

Minimum: Rs. 48,000

Maximum: No Limit

For Other Frequency,


PPT 5 to 10 years – Rs. 60,000
PPT > 10 years – Rs. 48,000
8 Top-up Premium

Minimum: Rs. 5,000

Maximum: At any point of time the total top-up premiums paid shall not exceed the total of the base premiums paid at that point of time.
9 Rising Star

Entry Age for Life Insured: (as on last birthday)

Minimum: 1 year

Maximum: 17 years

Entry Age for Policyholder: (as on last birthday)

Minimum: 18 years

Maximum: 55 years

Maturity Age for Life Insured: (as on last birthday)

Minimum: 18 years

Maximum: 37 years

Maturity Age for Policyholder: (as on last birthday)

Minimum: 28 years

Maximum: 70 years
10 Top-up Sum Assured (Based On Attained Age)

For 1 - 44 years,

Minimum: 1.25 x Top-up Premium

Maximum: 1.25 x Top-up Premium

For 45 years and above,

Minimum: 1.10 x Top-up Premium

Maximum: 1.10 x Top-up Premium

customer testimonials

customer testimonials

liked our plan?

This Unyakeenable Unique ULIP adds up to 7% of additional units to your funds and comes with the Rising Star Benefit for your child.

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