Total Secure Plus – Online Term Insurance Plan with Life & Health Cover

  • 01 life & health cover
  • 02 protection upto 80 years
  • 03 cover for 35 critical illnesses

plan definition

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Total Secure+ is a comprehensive online term insurance plan which provides life cover and cover against 35 critical illnesses. It provides comprehensive protection that secures your family and also fulfills your need for critical illness insurance. This online term insurance plan comes with multiple customization options. You can choose the life cover, critical illness benefit, policy term, premium paying term and benefit pay out options. UIN No: 147N036V01

key features

1comprehensive & customisable


Provides life cover & cover against 35 critical illnesses such as cancer, diabetes etc. Customise by choosing convenient payment terms & payout options.

2pay as you wish


Flexible premium paying term including single pay, limited pay (for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years) and regular pay till policy lasts.

3accelerated critical illness benefit


On occurrence of specified critical illnesses, policyholder will receive a payout of the critical illness sum but the policy will continue with the base sum assured reduced by the amount of critical illness claim paid. Future premiums payable under the policy for death benefit will be reduced proportionately.

4avail tax benefits


Save tax under section 80D, section 80C and section 10 (10D) of Income Tax Act,1961. Tax benefits are subject to change in the tax laws.

5choose your payout options



You can choose the death benefit payout options as lumpsum or income along with the number of months you want the death benefit to be paid and also between equal or increasing monthly sums compounded @ 5.00% per annum.


Riders can be added at the inception of the policy or at policy anniversary during the Policy Term subject to underwriting and terms and conditions of the riders and the product. Following riders are available with this plan.

additional resources

product brochure

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sample contract

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rate table

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product disclaimer


customer testimonials

eligibility criteria

1 premium payment frequency

Single Pay : Single

Other Pay : Only annual premium payment mode is available under this product.

2 premium paying term

Life Cover:

Single Pay

Limited Pay: 5,10,15,20,25 years

Regular Pay

Life and Basic Health Cover & Life and Comprehensive Cover:

Regular Pay

3 policy term

Life Cover: Minimum 10, Maximum 62 years

Life and Basic Health & Life and Comprehsenive Health: Minimum 10, Maximum 40 years

4 maximum maturity age

Life Cover: 80 years

Life and Basic Health & Life and Comprehensive Health: 75 years

5 minimum sum assured

Minimum Sum Assured :  Base Sum Assured: Rs 25,00,000

Critical Illness Sum Assured: Rs 500,000

6 minimum annual premium

Minimum Annual Premium : Rs. 3,000

7 age (as on last birthday)

Minimum – 18 years age last birthday

Maximum – 65 years age last birthday

customer testimonials

returns against payment


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customer testimonials

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An online comprehensive protection plan which secures your family’s future and covers you against 35 critical illnesses.

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