waiver of premium rider

Edelweiss Tokio Life -Waiver of Premium Rider provides you protection in case of critical illness or accidental total and permanent disability.

rider features

  • entry age 18 to 65 years

  • maximum maturity age

    70 years

  • rider term* 5 to 52 years

  • premium paying term# limited pay ( 5-51 years) & regular pay

  • minimum premium depends on the age, gender, rider term, premium paying term and sum assured chosen.

  • maximum premium depends on the age, gender, policy term and premium paying term and sum assured.

    Maximum premium along with other rider premiums, if any will be restricted to 30% of the base product premium.

  • maximum premium to be waived

    No limit, subject to Board Approved Underwriting Policy

  • frequency of payment same as base policy.

    Any premium rebate or modal factors will also be same as the base plan.

* Rider policy term will be same as the premium payment term of the base plan, subject to maximum maturity age of 70. This rider will not be offered if the entry age plus Base Plan premium paying term is beyond age 70 years. Rider can be attached on any policy anniversary. In such case the rider term would be equal to the remaining Base Plan premium paying term subject to minimum of 5 years.


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