Edelweiss Tokio Life – Easy Pension

Easy Pension - a ULIP to Fulfil Your Retirement Needs

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plan definition

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Easy Pension is a unit-linked, retirement solution, suited to meet your needs to plan for a financially stable and happy retirement life. UIN No: 147L034V01

key features

1Vesting benefits


On Vesting#

Higher of 

1) Fund value at maturity

2) Assured benefit

where Assured Benefit is 101% of total premiums paid till maturity




#On attaining the chosen vesting age , you will have the following options:

a) Option to commute to the extent allowed under Income Tax Act and to utilize the balance amount to purchase immediate annuity with the same insurer, which will be guaranteed for life, at the then prevailing annuity rate, or

b) Option to utilize the entire proceeds to purchase a single premium deferred pension product with the same insurer, or

c) Option to extend the deferrment period /accumulation period within the same policy with the same terms and conditions as the original policy, provided the Life Assured is below the age of 55 years. 

2death benefit


On death of life insured*

Death benefit during and after PPT:

Higher of :

1) Fund value

2) Assured benefit

3) 105% of total premiums paid till date of death

where Assured Benefit is 101% of total premiums paid till death



*On death of the Life Insured, the nominee shall be entitled to one of the following options:

a) Option to utilize the entire proceeds of the policy or part thereof for purchasing an annuity at the then prevailing rate from the same insurer,or

b) Option to withdraw entire proceeds of the policy 




Riders can be added at the inception of the policy or at policy anniversary during the Policy Term subject to underwriting and terms and conditions of the riders and the product. Following riders are available with this plan.

additional resources

product brochure

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sample contract

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rate table

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product disclaimer


customer testimonials

eligibility criteria

1 entry age (last birthday)

Minimum : 18 Years

Maximum : 75 Years

2 maturity age (last birthday)

Minimum : 45 Years

Maximum : 85 Years

3 policy term

Minimum : 10 years

Maximum : 67 Years

4 premium payment frequency

Single Pay, Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, Monthly

5 minimum premium
Single Pay45,000
Limited/Regular Pay
6 premium paying term

Single Pay, Limited Pay [5 Pay to (Policy Term-5)], Regular Pay

customer testimonials

customer testimonials

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