In this policy, the investment risk in investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder

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We are proud to announce that Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Secure+ has been rated as the #1 online ULIP^ based on low cost by CRISIL.

How do CRISIL ULIP rankings work?

CRISIL needs no introduction, it is by far the most credible institution in India to analyse the credit worthiness and risks associated with a financial instrument / product / company. CRISIL Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP) rankings evaluate the products on mainly two factors – cost and portfolio performance. These rankings enable customers in decision-making and life insurance / investment companies in benchmarking various types of ULIPs on some common evaluation criteria.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Secure +
CRISIL ULIP Rank on Cost 1 CRISIL Fund Rank on Performance
Category 1 2 3 4 5
Large Cap Oriented -- -- Equity Large Cap Fund -- --
Mid Cap Oriented -- -- -- -- --
Multi Cap Oriented -- -- Equity Top 250 -- --
Debt Long Term -- -- -- -- --
Debt Short Term -- -- Bond Fund -- --

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Apart from this super credible recognition, here are more reasons why Wealth Secure+ is the right savings plan for you. This plan comes with 4 plan-options: Base, Life Partner, Child (Individual Life) and Child (Joint Life). And, you can switch between these options anytime you want during the policy term. Wealth Secure+ adapts as per the life stage you’re at - single, married or blessed with a child.

Here are some more benefits of Edelweiss Tokio Life - Wealth Secure+

Triple Advantage

Get the triple advantage of Life Cover + Savings Plan + Tax Savings3

Start saving @ Rs.1000/month1

Option to start saving at just Rs.1000 per month1

5 pay – 5 stay option6

Option of choosing a short term policy starting from 5 years

Whole Life Option1

Option to stay protected for up to 100 years

Systematic Withdrawal Option

Option to get back funds in a systematic manner to take care of your Retirement

Enhanced Family Protection

Choose a plan option as per your life stage: Single, Married, Married with kids

Fund Performance

Check out how our funds have performed over the years

^Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Fund Name Equity Top 250 Equity Large Cap Bond Fund Equity Mid Cap Managed Fund Equity Blue Chip fund GILT Fund
Inception Date 20-Jul-11 28-Jul-11 28-Jul-11 19-Jan-17 03-Aug-11 31-May-19 13-Jun-19
Type of Fund Equity Fund Equity Fund Debt Fund Equity Fund Hybrid Fund Equity Fund Debt Fund
Fund Return (since 7 years) 15.03% 13.53% 8.49% NA 10.80% NA NA
Benchmark (since 7 years) 11.65% 11.28% 8.57% NA 9.72% NA NA

Fund Return (since 6 years) 14.69% 12.39% 8.46% NA 10.92% NA NA
Benchmark (since 6 years) 11.99% 11.15% 8.62% NA 10.13% NA NA
Fund Return (since 5 years) 9.54% 7.89% 8.11% NA 8.69% NA NA
Benchmark (since 5 years) 7.70% 7.37% 8.35% NA 8.68% NA NA
Fund Return (since 4 years) 8.32% 7.28% 7.26% NA 7.75% NA NA
Benchmark (since 4 years) 9.73% 10.16% 8.09% NA 9.15% NA NA
Fund Return (since 3 years) 8.18% 7.61% 6.44% NA 7.12% NA NA
Benchmark (since 3 years) 9.68% 11.20% 7.67% NA 8.71% NA NA
Fund Return (since 2 years) 2.93% 2.65% 6.26% -5.54% 5.04% NA NA
Benchmark (since 2 years) 4.34% 7.20% 7.84% -7.31% 7.60% NA NA

Fund Return (since 1 years) 14.36% 12.52% 7.52% 4.21% 11.13% NA NA
Benchmark (since 1 years) 11.64% 14.35% 11.08% -2.15% 14.04% NA NA
SFI No. ULIF0027/07/ 11EQTOP250147 ULIF00118/08/ 11EQLARGECAP147 ULIF00317/08/ 11BONDFUND147 ULIF01107/10/ 16ETLIMIDCAP147 ULIF00618/08/ 11MANAGED147 ULIF01226/11/18ETL BLUCHIP147 ULIF01326/11/18ETL GILTFND147

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The Only Savings Plan You Need

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Secure+ is a new age savings plan, apt for today’s digital customer, who expects customization, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

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Growing up, our parents wanted us to become as successful as that annoying cousin who always got good grades, won sports tournaments and went to Australia to pursue her passion of making loads of money.

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How Wealth Secure+ works?

25 year old Ajay had a clear goal to meet when he turned 30. He wanted to buy a house for himself and his future family. He wanted a plan that would help him with his short term goal and also save for the future. Edelweiss Tokio Life - Wealth Secure+ is a plan that gives him the flexibility of choosing a policy term from 5 to 99 years.

Ajay is now 30, happily married and a proud home-owner. The financial security of his wife and their future family is his top most priority. He wants to ensure that both his and his wife’s life is adequately covered. With the Joint Life option, their future family will get the benefit of enhanced protection.

Another 7-8 years down the line, Ajay and his wife have had a son. While his savings are going steady for short term needs, he has to start thinking long term. Retirement planning and his son’s higher education will require a large corpus of funds which he needs to start saving for right away. At this point, Ajay moves to the Child Joint Life Option that helps him save for all this long-term needs.

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