Aim & Objective

The objective of the fund is to provide long-term capital appreciation by predominantly investing in an equity portfolio of large cap stocks.

Who should invest

  • Customers looking to invest in Blue Chip Stocks
  • Customers looking for Long Term Capital Appreciation

Why should you invest?

  • High return potential with stability
  • Grow with large companies
  • Minimize losses during downturns

Asset Allocation

Minimum Maximum
Equity 60% 100%
Debt and Money Market Instruments Nil 40%

Risk Profile

Investing in New Funds of Blue Chip Companies can help even small investors benefit

  • Blue Chip companies are mostly market leaders and their size ensures lower production costs and higher profits than smaller companies.
  • Due to their vintage and experience, they are able to withstand the downturn during challenging times.
  • Having such diversified and quality investors in the firms, these firms are well researched and maintain a very high level of corporate governance than the smaller firms.
No of years 1 3 5 7 10
CAGR 14.9% 14.5% 11.6% 11.9% 14.4%
Past performance is not indicative of future performance
Source: NSE India

Blue Chip Stocks are less volatile than Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Stocks!

  • In periods of downturn, the FALL in Blue Chip stocks has been LESSER than both Mid caps & Small cap.
  • This is due to the SCALE, MATURE BUSINESS, GOOD GOVERNANCE of these Blue Chip Companies.

Returns of various stocks during market down-turns

Start Date End Date Blue Chip (NIFTY) Mid-cap Small-cap
01-Jan-04 31-Mar-04 -7.3% -11.1% -18.2%
02-May-06 31-Jul-06 -11.6% -24.6% -17.5%
01-Jan-08 27-Feb-09 -55.0% -65.5% -75.0%
01-Nov-10 30-Dec-11 -23.2% -34.7% -39.2%
30-Jan-18 30-Oct-18 -8.4% -20.7% -34.1%

Past performance is not indicative of future performance
Source: NSE India