How Endowment Plan Works?

Endowment Plans can be defined as the life insurance plans that give a lump sum return after the end of the policy (or death)

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Life Insurance Beneficiary Rules and Faq

While buying a life insurance in India, you must name a beneficiary who can legally claim the sum assured in your absence

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Tips for Reducing Your Insurance Premiums

Life insurance is a really powerful way of investing your money. However, you might have to pay a huge premium, if you do not do make your choice prop

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How can ULIP increase your take-home salary

A unit-linked insurance plan is among the better insurance products currently available in the market

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How can ULIP grow your Savings & Investments

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan is an insurance product that provides you the facility to invest in different asset classes and at the same time get a li

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How do we counter the perception that HNIs invest in term and Mutual funds?

HNIs or high net-worth individuals are only different from us because of their potential to invest more money in financial products

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ULIP- Dare against Mutual Funds

There has been an ongoing war between ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) and mutual funds with each trying to trump the other

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No Shave November – It’s Not Only About The Beard, It’s Much Bigger

No Shave November is a widely accepted trend amongst the youth of today. The idea behind this trending term is to not shave your beard or moustache fo

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How new generation ulip is different than traditional ulip plan

ULIP or unit-linked insurance plans are insurance products which give the policyholder the option to invest along with getting insured

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