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Sharma Ji Ka Beta Has Invested in an Insurance, Have You?

  7/14/23 6:49 AM

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Rohan studied hard all these years and got done with college. Now, he has finally been able to secure his dream job. He is earning well now and saving a part of his income religiously. After lots of calculations and contemplations, he bought a bike and soon after a few years his dream car. He is feeling proud that he is finally catching up with Sharma Ji ka Beta!

Like Rohan, you too have dreams of purchasing a high-end bike or an executive sedan. Being an expert you want the best for your vehicle. Investing in premium lubricants and latest accessories ensure that your vehicle performs and looks best. You even buy the right tools for its upkeep and maintenance.

You may wish to do unmentionable things to the person who scratches your vehicle, but all you can do is get insurance to cover the financial liabilities which would face if something happens to your vehicle. Of course, buying a motor insurance is mandatory by law but we will have to admit you would buy insurance anyway in order so there is nothing to compromise on if your vehicle gets damaged and needs repairs due to an unfortunate incident. A well-paying job, savings, a plush house which you have rented and the chariot of your dreams! Everything is taken care of, isn’t it?

Your future deserves the same effort!

You have done everything under the sun to protect your vehicle but what about you? Have you also invested in a secure future for yourself and your family? You realize the value of your vehicle and so you do everything to protect it. Your future is no less important than your cars. Imagine riding your car on a freeway with speeding trucks and other vehicles without insurance! In this case, your car may be insured but your life is not.

Your future is just as or even more precious than your dear vehicle and so it only makes sense to protect it in a similar way; with a term plan. Buying a term plan is all about transferring risk and avoiding the anxiety of potential loss. It is a plan you make to ensure a secure future for your family and yourself. Investing in a term plan is one of the most tangible expressions of love and care towards your family.

Just like your vehicle, a term insurance plan arrives with all the necessary bells and whistles. Most of these benefits or and riders sound morose, but it is important to know about them. The benefits include Top-up Benefit, Life Stage and Waiver of Premium Benefit. Riders are also available to enhance protection in case of accidental death, total and permanent disability, critical illnesses and hospitalization. And of course, you also get tax benefits when you purchase a term plan.

The feeling of safety insurance provides is incomparable! Sharma Ji ka Beta has invested in an insurance, have you?


Aastha Mestry - Portfolio Manager          

An Author and a Full-Time Portfolio Manager, Aastha has 6 years of experience working in the Insurance Industry with businesses globally. With a profound interest in traveling, Aastha also loves to blog in her free time.

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