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Just Like Football Even Your Life Needs a Strong Defence Plan!

  8/25/23 11:10 AM

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Every four years the magic of World Cup football makes us go spellbound. This year’s iconic football was no exception a cup of profound goals, surprising wins, and a handful of astonishing moments. While the juggernauts bowed out before making it even halfway through, lesser-known champions won our hearts with unbeatable strategies. As we wonder over the surprises now, the results brought into light some integral lessons we all could employ in our lives.

Just like a football player has his team, you have your family and loved ones. You have their backs. The random nature of life reflects that of the football field. In the face of this, you are all keepers in a sense and there’s much you can learn from football.

In football, the defence strategy is constant, always in place, moving with the game. It’s the reassuring factor that gives every player on the field from the attackers to the midfielders the confidence to score. Similar to this scenario a term plan that constantly protects your family and you will give you the confidence to move through life with a positive attitude. The key lies in finding the right partner, which is the plan itself. There are several factors to consider is it a long-term plan, does it ensure all your bases and are all your requirements covered?

A good defence strategy which is a term plan will prove as a strong financial back-up when your family is coping with an emotional and financial loss.

The right defence plan, having the right protection partner on your side gives a better control over the game. The protection partner ensures that you and your family are ready for unforeseen situations not just to deal with them, but to move past them and score personal victories. After all, you don’t just live your lives for yourselves; you live life for others like your family members.

In football, the defence is well trained in tackling different situations and the best of them stand strong till the end.

Likewise, in life, what you really need in your term plan is complete protection that can guard and defend you and your family members in every situation. It will give you a reassurance that whatever the situation, you and your family are always going to come out stronger.

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Zindagi plus is your reliable partner to defend your goals in life. It offers life cover to protect your family from life’s uncertainties like your sudden demise and gives you an option to cover yourself against critical illnesses like heart disease, cancer, etc.

So, choose a defence plan for your family now!


Chirag Iyer - BFSI Enthusiast

Chirag is a writer and an avid reader who loves to drink coffee! His other interests include boxing, karate, and singing.

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