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An extra topping on your term plan

  7/14/23 8:21 AM

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Today is Ravi’s 25th birthday and so he planned to treat his friends out for dinner and movie. Ravi decided to have pizza first with extra toppings. Just look at the conversation between Ravi and the Pizza boy.
Pizza boy: Good evening Sir, Could I take your order?
Ravi: Yes, please. Can you make one large Margherita?
Pizza boy: Yeah, sure. Do you want it with single or double cheese topping?
Ravi: I want it with double cheese topping. Do you have any pizza with Paneer topping?
Pizza boy: Yes sir, you can order Peppy Paneer?
Ravi: Will it have Mushrooms in it?
Pizza boy: Peppy Paneer does not have mushrooms, but I can customize it and can add mushrooms. However, it will cost Rs. 50 extra. Will it do?
Ravi: Yeah sure.
Life insurance products are also similar to a customized pizza. Insurers have enabled their prospective policyholders to customize their insurance plans and get enhanced protection by adding toppings in the form of riders.
Insurance riders are the add-ons that one can opt for along with a life insurance policy to either enlarge the cover or enhance the scope of the cover. Riders allow you to customize your policy to match your needs. Just as extra toppings enhance the taste and value of the pizza, a rider enhances the protection offered by an insurance policy.
For instance, by paying a slightly higher premium, one can add an accidental death benefit rider. A little more gives one cover for medical expenses in case of a critical illness. Riders allow you to cover risks based on your unique needs.
Edelweiss Tokio Life – Zindagi Plus is a term insurance plan which provides considerable life coverage at a nominal cost. Let us enumerate the riders of Edelweiss Tokio Life Zindagi Plus which makes it a must buy life insurance policy for you and your family.
Say, you are in a profession like sales and traveling out is a usual occurrence. In such a situation, an accident death cover will be valuable. Likewise, if you have a family history of diseases and ailments, opt for a critical illness cover. A critical illness rider is truly beneficial because it provides lumpsum amount immediately on diagnosis. Thus, giving the person a chance to use the money for the entire treatment.
Critical Illness Cover secures you against 17 Critical Illnesses.


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