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Two Of A Different Kind - Part 3

  8/21/23 8:32 AM

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The song “Yaad Piya ki aane lagi…” was playing on the you tube video. A little 4- year old girl was dancing to it’s tunes. Just the sight of her dancing was enough to make you smile. There was a mischievous tweak to each of her twists. She was looking so adept that it would make you wonder whether she actually is a 4-year old. She had talent.

Both me and Rohan were looking at a you tube video of Rohan’s daughter dancing in the school annual day.” These days, kids, I tell you, are far more talented than what we were at their age”, Rohan remarked. I nodded.” You know what my son said to me yesterday. You won’t believe. He gave me a tray filled with bananas and said ‘Food for you, my majesty’. I was just left in wonderment as to how has he learned things so quickly. After all, he all of just 4 years.”, I too joined in.

“Their talent needs to be nurtured, otherwise they will also get into a 9 to 6 job like us and curse their parents as to why were they not allowed to explore more things, just the way we do”, Rohan said.” But all this will require money, big money. It’s wrong to blame our parents. They gave us the best education that they could manage”, I countered. “Tell that your son when he becomes 15. Will he listen to you like you did to your father at that age?”, Rohan rebutted. “Hmm”, I said thoughtfully.

He was right. My kid needs the best of everything that he wants to do. I can’t shove him into something that he does not want to do. And why should I? Why should he feel that he has not got the best of opportunities. It is on me now to make provisions for his further education and growth so that he can pursue what he wants to without thinking about whether he can afford it. I had heard of endowment and education plans as a way to plan for future events in your life.

I started googling on endowment plans and find out that they were providing guaranteed returns on payment of premiums for a fixed period. Also, if I meet with an untimely demise anywhere during the policy term, my son would get the Sum Assured in full. This seemed to be the right plan for securing my kid’s future.

“Endowment plan! Again insurance? You seem to be hooked on to life insurance!”, Rohan remarked when I told him that I had purchased an endowment plan. “I need it as a provision for when my son wants funds to further his career,” I justified. He just waved his hand across his face.” Returns! Man. Think returns!”, he boomed. “You need something that can give you big returns”, he continued. “I need something that would give me guaranteed returns”, I again tried to justify it. Just then his phone rang and he stepped aside to take the call. He would never perhaps understand. He was more fixated onto short-term, bigger gains, than long-term planning. But I was convinced that I had done the right thing.


Siddhant Dubey - Writer & Photographer

Siddhant works as a freelance content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from photography and personal finance to cooking. He is also an aspiring photographer striving to showcase life around him through his vision.

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