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The Road To Recovery Part 5

  8/4/23 6:30 AM

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“Good for you. Finally, you are back on your feet and ready to go. That’s fantastic to hear!”, I congratulated Ramesh. The doctors had said that he was now fit and could get back to working. After doing some networking, Ramesh had also lined up some interviews for the next week. It was 6 months since that fateful day when I had met a distraught Ramesh in the hospital. These last 6 months could’ve been back-breaking for him. But he managed to come out in a much happier frame of mind. He took enough rest, went for physiotherapy sessions and took decent care of himself. He was now ready to get back into the professional world all guns blazing.

“All this was possible just because of two things; one your support and another, the critical illness care policy from Edelweiss Tokio Life”, he shook my hand profusely. I waved my arm,” What did I do?”. “Just the fact that you were around gave me confidence and never made me feel lonely in these tough times”, he beamed. “Exaggeration!”, I said” By the way, I am also taking a critical illness insurance policy from Edelweiss Tokio Life. Let me say that I’m inspired by you.”

We both laughed and sat down to chat about things. After a long time, Ramesh chatted about things happening in the world rather than about his own plight. He had finally made a confident recovery.

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