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How to be a smart shopper?

  7/21/18 9:52 AM

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Most of us are impulsive shopper rather than a smart one. This stops us from saving and we tend to spend first and then think about savings. The sale season is just around the corner and we know how much we love the thrill of buying new things, at unbelievable prices! “Up to 50% off” portrays that we made a great bargain and saved a lot of money. But the fact is that you ended up spending on things that were not really needed in the first place. Even though shopping during the sale season makes us glad, going on a shopping spree can leave us feeling guilty. We spend too much of our income being an impulsive shopper without considering our monthly expenses and savings needed.

There’s one simple thing which can convert you into a smart shopper and that is – Planning!

1. Prepare a List: Prepare a list of things you actually need, check online if those are up for sale. Making a list will ensure that you do not splurge on unnecessary stuff. This habit will eventually help you distinguish between your needs and desires. It will help you control your splurging habit and also create a balance between your savings and expenditure.

2. Create a Budget: Set aside a shopping budget from your monthly income and don’t exceed it under any circumstances.

3. Plan to Save First: Try to save at least 20% of this designated budget, and invest this amount in the right investment plan which can give you good returns rather than piling it up in your savings account. This is because if you let your money lie in your account, you might end up using it for shopping or other unnecessary expenses.

These three key activities will ensure that you save before you spend. You will not only feel secure that you’re financially stable but you will also be astonished to notice how your regular investments will grow in time. So this time when you spot ‘Up to 50% off’ be a smart shopper, not an impulsive one by proper planning.


Swati Tumar - Travel & Finance Writer   

Swati is a Writer in the day and an illustrator at night. Among her interests, she is quite fond of art and all things creative. She often indulges herself in creating doodles, illustrations, and other forms of content. She identifies herself as an avid traveler and shameless foodie.

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