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Financial Lessons from Lord Ganesha this Ganesh Chaturthi

  9/11/18 9:48 AM

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Rohan and Ravi are very excited on this Ganpati festival as after being shifted to Mumbai it is their first chance to see Laal Baag cha, Raja. “I am very eager to see Ganpati of Mumbai. I will pray to Ganpati to take away all my financial troubles and make me wealthy.” Ravi said. Rohan after hearing this replied, “You have a big list this season.

Ganpati will not only make you wealthy but take away all your financial worries. You just observe the physical features of Lord Ganesha and get ready to hear the success Mantra.

He added Further, “Lord Ganesha is also called the “Vighnaharta” or the remover of all troubles and is generally invoked before one begins a new venture; this is a great time of the year to begin financial planning with the blessing of the Lord Ganesha. And in case you have not noticed thus far, Ganesha himself symbolizes wealth creation and financial wellness. Let me tell you how.

See the big picture ahead

“Gajanana” or the elephant-headed Lord or tells you to see the big picture. Chalk out a financial plan. Begin by identifying your short, medium-term and long-term financial goals. The second step is to make a budget and see what your expenses are and how much you can save after having met them. With your investible corpus, identify the asset classes according to your risk appetite. The big picture should also include things like endowment planULIPs and retirement planning. Among these ULIPs are the best option to invest your money in the long-term.There is a ULIP plan which will give you benefits from investments, it will give you a life cover and a rising Star Benefit which covers your child future in your absence. This unbelievable plan is Edelweiss Tokio Wealth Plus

Eyes focused with concentration

Since Ganesha has eyes that are small and sharp and he is called the “Chinteshwara”. The eyes of Ganesha symbolize focus and concentration. Once you have chalked out your financial goals, you should keep your eyes firmly on them and work diligently towards achieving them. As with the case of Wealth Plus, the policyholder has the option to seamlessly switch between funds based on his/her choice. Also, your future premiums would be redirected to the newly chosen fund. But for this, you have to keep your eye focused with concentration to understand when and where to switch funds.

Keep your ears wide open

The “Lambakarna” or the large ears of Ganesha tell you to keep your ears open wide for financial advice. If you are alert and keep your ears open, you will be able to glean the best advice that will help you remove the clutter from your portfolio and take the right investment decision that will help you create long-term wealth.

Keep a check on what you say

The “Gajavaktra” or the small mouth of the Ganesha tells you that you should not be loud-mouthed about your finances or your financial plan. If you seek advice or need to discuss investment ideas do it only with a trustworthy few.

Fork out bad investments with tusk-like power

The tusk of Lord Ganesha for which he is referred to as “Ekdanataya” conveys that one should have the ability to fork out the investments that are not performing well and holding back the potential of your portfolio. Periodic assessment of your portfolio is an important part of financial planning.

The reward comes in good time

Modaks, the favorite dessert of Ganesha is distributed as “Prasada” after the aarti is done. This is the Lord’s way of telling you that if you have worked hard to make a financial plan successful you will be rewarded with sweet gains in due course of time and can lead a life sans financial worries.

But how much Prasad I will get? Ravi asked

“If you invest Rs 5000 for 20 years after maturity you will get Rs 77 lac. There is something more which you will get with Edelweiss Tokio Wealth Plus, investment+lifecover+tax savings+Additional Allocations+Rising Star Benefit. It means the additional modak with Prasad.” Rohan replied and both of them laughed.

So now with this small story you have learned what the beautiful deity of Lord Ganesha symbolizes, do invoke his blessings as you embark on the path of wealth creation with Wealth Plus.

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