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Appreciate the Woman in Your Life

  10/2/18 12:23 PM

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Rohan and Ravi are having their wife’s birthdays on the same day. Ravi is planning to give her wife something which she will remember her entire life. On the other hand, Rohan said, “ I gave my wife everything she needed so what is the need of giving her extra on her birthday.

Ravi hearing this replied, “It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman and it is certainly true because women have the ability to put their needs above their own and support us selflessly. They help us and support us through life’s challenges on so many stages, they deserve to be appreciated.

The least we can do is to appreciate them for all they do for us, try to understand them and respect them. The women in our lives deserve our utmost respect. We need to show them that their opinion matters to us and respected by us, their shortcomings are understood, and their efforts are appreciated.

Ravi asked Rohan, “ Does Appreciation need to come from grand gestures?

No, of course, but often we get caught up in life and ignore the women in our lives who care for us, nurture us and look out for our needs. We should do something that will remain with our wives even in our absence. We should make our wives capable of taking care of our families if something happens to us, Rohan replied.

For this, they decided to opt for a term plan. They looked at multiple choices and finally made up their mind to purchase Edelweiss Tokio Life Zindagi Plus. They found this term plan as a promise for their love as it is a term insurance plan that provides a better half benefit. The Better half benefit is a feature that enables both the partners to complement each other even after a lifetime!

Better Half Benefit ensures enhanced financial security even in the absence of the main breadwinner.

Under this benefit, after the death of the policyholder, a life cover will start in his/her spouse’s name. This will be 50% of the life cover of the policyholder, up to an amount of Rs. 1cr. The spouse won’t have to pay any premium and the nominee will also get the sum assured. This benefit understands that both the spouses contribute equally to the family’s earnings and comfort. So, in case an unfortunate event occurs to the breadwinner then the nominee gets the sum assured. God Forbid if an unfortunate event occurs to the spouse as well then again the guardian of your offspring will receive the sum assured. This ensures complete financial security for your family.

Rohan and Ravi were convinced that a plan with such an innovative and thoughtful benefit would be the perfect gift for their wives on their birthday which completely secure their future against uncertainties.

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