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A Letter From A Daughter

  10/3/18 12:02 PM

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Dear Papa,

Happy 60th birthday! Even though I got to know you for only 12 years of my life, I feel like I’ve known you for so long — maybe because every letter I write to you gets a response only I can decipher. Every toy that you ever gifted me, every book that you insisted I read, is kept safely inside my closet.

Twenty-seven! Can you believe it? A happy, independent and strong 27-year-old woman, living alone in the US ! All thanks to you, Papa. I owe you so much.

After making my decision to study abroad, I still wasn’t sure about the career options in art. You were the only one who would encourage me to sketch and paint, constantly calling me your little prodigy. One day, as I was weighing the pros and cons of going abroad, Mom sneaked into my room and told me about the term plan you had bought soon after I was born.

Growing up, I wished you were here. Although Mom does the best he can, juggling the roles of a doting father and caring mother, even he knows that at some point, every girl just needs her father to confide in. Of course, she doesn’t say it. But as it turns out, you were with me all along — watching over me like you always did. The term plan you so lovingly bought back in the day, has given me the strength to forge ahead and create my own path in the world. It has led me to believe that I could be more than just a local artist. It has given me the freedom to fly!

How I wish you were here, Papa. How I truly wish you could see us sitting around on a snowy afternoon, talking about you, missing you, but mostly, thanking you for all that you have done, and most importantly, for teaching us about the benefits of a term plan.

Wherever you are, I hope you have the best day today, because you really deserve it. So once again, happy birthday.


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