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Why Choose An Endowment Policy For Your Retirement?

  7/10/17 10:14 AM

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Endowment plans in simple words means to start saving (investing) money regularly for future financial needs with an added advantage of having life risk cover, which is to give financial support to your family if you are not there to take care of them.

Endowment plan should be bought when the person has a steady flow of income. By investing a proportion of your regular income as premium, you can gradually grow your capital. These plans are long term in nature, and longer the policy period, better is the benefit you derive from the same.

An Endowment plan is the best suited plan for your retirement as it comes with the dual benefits of protection and wealth accumulation. It is not just an insurance, but also an investment. It pays a lump sum if you die and you also get a lump sum amount on maturity in case you survive the policy term. Endowment plans are low-risk (almost risk-free) assured plans for the good portfolios of yours.

When your primary income source dries up after retirement, a corpus such as this shall help you in comfortably enjoying the well-earned retirement. You can continue living independently and maintain your lifestyle without an ounce of worry or burden. Never would you want to cut down on your expenses or stop yourself from living your dream. The world tour you always wanted to go to with your spouse, or buying your dream home in a hill station post retiring can all be realized through an endowment plan.

Along with your retirement (future), it helps you in the present as well by saving tax. Through the years, all your premium payments are tax-deductible. Moreover, unlike maturity amount from fixed deposits or equity investments, insurance returns are exempt from taxation. This makes an endowment plan an essential component of your portfolio.

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