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How To Recover From A Critical Illness At A Reasonable Pace

  11/15/16 11:38 AM

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Have you ever been injured while playing or riding a bicycle etc. You must have been! We all have fallen down and injured ourselves at some or the other point in our life. When you go to a doctor, he dresses up the wound and along with that either administers an injection or prescribes some oral tablets or both. Ever wondered why does he do that? Why does he have to prescribe medicines or administer an injection if he has dressed up and protected the wound? It’s to prevent any chances of infection developing and spreading to other parts of the body. Similarly, a critical illness plan helps to support you by preventing any financial infection developing and spreading.

What do you mean by financial infection?

Let’s say, you have suffered from a stroke and have been hospitalized for the same. You are under observation and are undergoing treatment with medicines so that the clot formed in your brain is dissolved. All the expenses for hospitalization are being covered by your medi claim policy. But once you are discharged from hospital, according to the doctor’s advice, you have to take complete rest for a period of 6 months before you can resume work. Your employers may not give you a paid leave for this period. How long will you last without earning any income? Slowly, when your savings get exhausted, you may have to beg and borrow from relatives and friends. Your EMI’s may become irregular and you may not have money to pay your household expenses. This is financial infection. This financial infection would not let you recover from the critical illness at a pace that you would like to. You may have to resume work sooner than you would like to, which may increase the chances of a relapse of the critical illness.

How can you prevent a financial infection?

By buying a critical illness plan, you will be able to protect yourself from this financial infection. A critical illness plan is an income replacement plan to help you financially in the event of you being diagnosed by a critical illness. The life insurer, in exchange for regular premiums, agrees to make a lump sum payment of the Sum Assured on diagnosis of the pre-listed critical illness, any time during the policy term. In the case of Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+, the person can make up to three claims during the policy period, subject to certain conditions, for any of the 17 critical illnesses covered. With this pay out, you can ensure that your EMI’s, children’s school fees, your utility bill payments etc are all paid on time and regular. This would allow you to recover at your own pace. You can then take the liberty of taking time off from work for as long as is required for a complete recovery.

Generate a quote today to find out how you can benefit from a critical illness plan.

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