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Here Are the Things That You Can Buy Together After Getting Married

  10/3/18 5:53 AM

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Ravi is going for a morning walk as usual but not looking that much fit he used to look earlier. Meanwhile, Amit came who was suffering from high blood pressure and worried about his health and its expenses. Both of them are busy in their conversation about health and its costs when Adi, the advisor interrupted after hearing all the stuff.

Adi advised Ravi not to ignore the early symptoms of any irregularity in health or any hereditary hints related to any terminal or critical illnesses.

Amit giving his input said that timely check-ups can prevent or minimize the onset of illness while being sick can take a toll on your savings as well as our future financial plans for your family.

For such situation, Adi suggested Ravi and Amit Edelweiss Tokio Life – Zindagi Plus which is not just a term plan, but you can see a better future for your family by completely relying on it. However, not all term insurance policies offer the benefits of cover for critical illness. Therefore, while planning to buy a term insurance plan, it is essential to make sure that you have a term insurance plan with critical illness rider.

In between Amit asked, “Is critical illness cover acts as an income replacement? Adi replied, “ Of course dear, as your medical treatment might have a cover by the employer’s insurance or an existing mediclaim; a critical illness plan will help you sail through the tough times. You will get the claim just after submitting the diagnosis report. There is no need for hospital bills or any paperwork. Money availed can be utilized to cover everything from the costs of medicines, doctor visits, day-to-day expenditure, hospital rounds or any other illness related expenditures.

This brings a big smile on Ravi and Amit’s face. They become eager to know more about the magic of critical illness cover.

Adi understood their eagerness and explained to them that in case of an uncertain event or some underlying disease, term insurance with critical illness rider can act as a cushion to cover both hospitalization and other expenses. He also explained them about the multi-claim option in which they can claim thrice in case of any medical emergency. Moreover, you can also obtain tax benefits on payment of premium.

“This term plan can increase the chances of your survival even after you are suffering from a critical illness ?” Adi added

Both Amit and Ravi got puzzled and asked how?

Adi smiled and said, “Even after you are suffering from a critical illness, this can help you attain peace of mind, thereby reducing the risk of developing further complications and adding to the quality of life.”

All three of them laughed and walked on their respective roads with peace in their minds and a decision of buying a term plan.

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