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Have You Felt the Need for Life Insurance Yet?

  11/4/18 5:30 AM

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Ravi was a strong disbeliever of life insurance when he was a bachelor. He simply thinks that, since there are no dependants on him, so what’s the point in buying a Life insurance policy? Rather, spending the premium equivalent amount on a yearly trip to some place in India would please my 5 senses! The far placed distant benefits of a Life Insurance policy was something like reaching the horizon- which you will really never reach! If I would have died, someone else would get the money and I am overconfident that ghosts do not have five senses. So, why buy Insurance? Why not Goa instead?

When I got married, I was equally a strong disbeliever in Life Insurance. I would simply think, the only person dependant on my life- my wife, can still manage her life without me and I was quite confident that she will not look forward to the compensation amount as the only source of reliance if I ever became a ghost! Again, why buy Insurance? Why not Nainitaal instead?

When my wife was expecting, and when the doctor said that its going to be twins- suddenly, a profound sense of responsibility ran across my entire nervous system at the speed of light. I was calculating all possible combinations- boy,boy; boy,girl; or girl,girl and at the same time I paused at the question-“If I did not wake up tomorrow, and for ever, how would she manage?” “Will my kids have to a share a single Ice cream?” This was a paradigm changing question for me. There are three other people in my life and I own the responsibility for their happiness and well being. If I am awake and alive- I can ensure it. But, if I do not wake up for ever, who will ensure it? Not anybody in Goa nor anybody at Nainital at least. The answer was obvious- a Life Insurance policy. This time it was “Why not Life Insurance?”

Next day I bought a term plan for 1Cr.

It doesn’t matter to me if we are not making it to Darjeeling this year, but it means a lot to see my kids and wife smiling for ever- whether I am there or not there.

With every sunrise and sunset that we see, we are actually deferring the time of our eternal sleep.

Oh, I missed out- we had a Boy and a Girl- Siddhant and Samiksha and they are now 18 months.


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