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Get To Know How Edelweiss Tokio Life Total Secure+ Can Prove To Be A Bigger Shield For Added Protection

  11/1/16 7:09 AM

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Have you seen the shield carried by Captain America? That shield protects him from whatever that the enemy throws at him. It is not something with which he defends himself, but something with which he protects himself. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if we would have had something like that shield that would protect us from most problems in real life?

A comprehensive term plan

A comprehensive term plan like Edelweiss Tokio Life Total Secure + is the kind of shield that can protects us against most of the financial problems in life. This plan not only gives you a death benefit, but also a critical illness cover against up to 35 critical illnesses. For instance, let’s assume you take a policy of Rs.60 lakhs with a critical illness cover of Rs.10 lakhs. If you fall critically ill subsequently; meaning you are diagnosed with any of the 35 critical illnesses mentioned in the policy document, you would be paid a lump sum of Rs.10 lakhs and the policy would continue with Rs.50 lakhs as the Base Sum Assured. If however, you pass away during the policy term without having had to claim for the critical illness Sum Assured, your family would be paid the Sum Assured of Rs.60 lakhs. This amount can be received by you either as a lump sum, as regular monthly income or as a combination of the same. This pay out option can be decided by you ate the time of taking the policy. Even with regular monthly income, you can choose between equal/level instalments or increasing monthly instalments.

Generate a quote today to find out how much of an added protection a shield like Edelweiss Tokio Life Total Secure + can prove to be.

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