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6 Ways to Mess Up Your Retirement Plan

  12/4/17 6:22 AM

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Saving for a good retirement insurance plan should be a part of everyone’s financial bucket list. It is crucial to ensure that you keep a small part of your monthly earnings aside as savings for retirement. Making a sound retirement plan will help you calculate the exact amount that you need to save. Although it is impossible to predict the future, one can have a fair estimate of the lifestyle he/she wishes to live. One also needs to keep the rate of inflation and added costs of healthcare into consideration, while planning for retirement.

Go through the list of the top 6 mistakes that can potentially ruin all your retirement plans.

1. Underestimating Your Lifespan

Underestimating the amount of time that you’ll live after retirement is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make while calculating funds for a retirement plan. Overestimating, on the other hand, will hamper your current lifestyle habits. No one can accurately calculate the amount of time he/she will live. However, one can have a fair estimate depending on the type of lifestyle he/she lives. If a person goes to the gym regularly and eats healthy, can expect to live longer than a chain smoker.

2. Borrowing to Pay for Retirement Investments

Debt can kill a person (quite literally). One needs to be careful while borrowing debt and consider paying off all the debts before finally retiring from a permanent job. Moreover, do not borrow now so as to plan your retirement. Ideally, investing from savings is the best source to plan for retirement.

3. Not Saving for Healthcare

While saving for retirement, you need to consider the added costs of healthcare which is bound to increase with passing age.

4. Planning to Pay for Adult Children

Buying a gift for your children is one thing, and paying their rent is another. Make your children self-sufficient so that they can take care of their personal expenses without digging into your personal retirement funds.

5. Spending Retirement Funds Before Time

It is possible that your retirement plan coincides with the end of several policies. This way you’ll have more funds than you imagine in the early stages of retirement. Here, you need to control your urge to spend the money lavishly on a world tour, a new house or other expenses not factored in while calculating retirement investments.

6. Fixing a Particular Age for Retirement

It is good to have goals for a retirement, but depending on them from an early age can be harmful. You need to ease out of your job into retirement to stabilize the income and expenditure chart. A general thumb rule of giving yourself 3 years to retire completely is a good idea to ease into the new lifestyle.

A person can be very careful is assessing his/her goals and devise insurance plans accordingly. However, even the most careful people can make subtle mistakes which can unknowingly ruin their retirement plans. Make a careful effort of not making these 6 most common mistakes. Invest in a dependable retirement plan like the Edelweiss Tokio Life Pension Insurance to stay on the sunny side of your finances for a long period.

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