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Are You Losing Sight of Your Life Goals Because of the Smog?

  11/2/18 6:54 AM

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Smog is something we all criticize. The problem with smog is lack of clarity beleaguered victims cannot see what is infront of them. Visibility is so low that basic driving can be hazardous. Your destination could be in front of you, but you don’t know how you will get there with the blurry, teary-eyed vision.

Self-evident as it may sound, the smog is a serious problem in our lives that can take us further away from what we want to be or where we want to go. But there is smog inside us, in our minds, our thinking, and our vision, which is just as bad, if not worse than the one outside. A foggy thought process also takes us further away from what we want to be or where we want to go.

Take Sanjay, a 30-year private sector employee who has one important life goal at present to provide for his 4-year-old daughter’s education. This involves setting aside money consistently in a savings planar insurance plan towards child education. But Sanjay is extravagant by nature has given to impulsive bursts of shopping for the latest gadgets and newest collection of clothing and frequenting the most expensive restaurants. Sanjay’s spendthrift nature prevents him from bringing that razor-sharp focus that is necessary to cut through the smog.

Sanjay was always like that, but he must know that with added responsibilities, now his life goals take precedence over his spending ways.

For Sanjay to succeed in making his daughter successful in her life, he must clear the smog in his lifestyle that prevents him from saving towards his life goals.

Sanjay is likely in need of a nudge to push him towards saving for his life goal. If he would have known about ULIPs he would perhaps see his goal more clearly and show greater interest in investing towards it. Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Plus, a new age ULIP that provides long-term investment as well as protection. It has no allocation or policy administration charges and so allocates 100% of the premium amount on the fund chosen. The best feature of this plan is the Rising Star Benefit which acts like a child plan where if there’s a sudden demise of the policyholder then a lump sum amount will be provided as a death benefit and the entire future premiums along with additional allocation will be immediately invested by the company in the fund so that the child receives the returns as planned by the parent. The future premiums will be waived off after the policyholder’s death. Sanjay chose a plan that will take care of his child’s career goals even in his absence.

You should invest from the time your child starts going to school. A right investment plan is one of the ways in which you can not only financially support your child’s goals but also secure the future of your child. Start planning wisely for your family’s financial future and ensure that their dreams are fulfilled.

This way, Sanjay knows how much he should be aiming for and how investment in Edelweiss Tokio Life- Wealth Plus can help him get there.

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