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Why choose ULIP as an investment option?

  7/11/18 7:17 AM

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ULIP has an edge over traditional insurance policies as it provides the policyholder with the opportunity to invest in a number of eligible investments along with the freedom to customize the plan according to their needs. Like all insurance and investment policies, ULIP has a number of desirable features. Below is the list of why you should choose ULIP as an investment option over other plans.

Multiple Objectives:

In ULIPs, a fraction of the premium goes towards your life cover while the remaining is invested in equity, balanced and debt funds. Hence, you can avail the benefits of both insurance and investments in the same product.


ULIPs are flexible as they also allow you to switch between your investment funds. You can choose between debt, equity and balanced funds based on your level of risk appetite and market’s performance.

Higher Returns:

ULIPs invest your money in a number of reliable investments such as bonds and equity. Hence, ULIPs give you the opportunity to earn market-linked returns, which traditional life insurance products fail to provide. Edelweiss Tokio Life has funds which have consistently been high rated and so investing in them can give you good returns.


A number of insurance companies are attempting to revolutionize he way people regard ULIPs. Of late,

ULIPs are one of the cheapest insurance-cum-investment policies in the market. In fact, they are cheaper than mutual funds because the new age ULIP has no allocation or policy charges. Moreover, you can also avail tax benefits under ULIPs.

Long Term Planning:

ULIPs are long term plans and most adapted to individuals who wish to go for long-term financial planning. ULIPs have a minimum lock-in period of 5 years. This feature helps the policyholder in goal centric planning. Your long-term goals such as buying a house and marriage can be fulfilled with growth achieved through ULIPs. The new age ULIP Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Plus is diverse to suit the needs and requirements of more investors.

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