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Thinking Long Term

  7/2/18 5:22 AM

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The fast-paced urban life and our resultant lifestyle choices leave very little room for flexibility. We have so little time and so much to do that we inherently start living in a world where meeting urgent, short term goals are the priority. This growing habit of living constantly in the fire-fighting mode does not let us focus on the future. We don’t do much for securing happiness in the long run and it doesn’t help when it comes to achieving our major goals.

While we are occupied with completing projects, getting a promotion this year or on the lookout for

weekend getaways with our family, long-term goals which are more important such as buying a house or provisioning for your daughter’s wedding don’t work out so well.

These goals require time, thought and planning. Some long-term goals require letting go of short-term gratification, but the benefits received significantly outweigh the costs. By saving and investing regularly in growth plans, endowment policies or ULIPs you’d be making things financially easier for yourself in the long run.

The main path to success in achieving your long term financial goals is to create a plan which is

customized for you. You can create and plan a path for yourself with respect to your long term financial goals with professional advice.

Long term financial goals are your safety nets; they’ll cushion your fall and save you from major

disasters. They’ll soften the blow by making it slightly easier for you to wade through the mess. Analyze your needs and take steps towards financially securing your future in the long haul. It

may involve letting go of some things that give you short term satisfaction but in the end, it is all about the big picture.

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