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A Simple Click Can Change Your Life

  9/5/18 6:19 AM

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When Ravina told her husband she was pregnant, his anxious reaction wasn’t exactly what she’d hoped for. Later that day, she heard a knock on the door a priority delivery of baby clothes and toys from that retail store she loves! She couldn’t help but smile, and just like that, their baby Rohan’s first welcome into this world had started.

Rohan grew quickly! He shopped for school supplies, his first bicycle, and wrote letters to stay in touch with his favourite cousin who moved across the country.

It was 2001 he was 16, when he was busy posting song covers online. Before long, he decided to pursue an education in music. Here too, the humble click had his back, helping him find the best universities abroad and getting him through the application process with relative ease.

To his amazement, he got into Berklee College of Music in Boston. He knew his life was about to change, he just didn’t know how drastically. He clicked for flight tickets, packed his things and made for his next chapter.

His first semester at college, he met Anamika she was smart, funny and extremely talented. Needless to say, they instantly clicked! By the end of the second semester he finally asked her out. That night he sat up trying to figure out the formula for the perfect date. After a short couple of hours of research, he had it all planned out dinner at that waterfront restaurant she loves and tickets to see her favourite upcoming blues musician click and click. He reassured himself that it was going to be perfect after all, and it was! That was only the first of his many well thought out clicks that put a smile on Anamika’s face.

Before they knew it college was over, and they were back home clicking through job openings online. Anamika took up a job as a music teacher. And Rohan worked a few internships, before making that big click to send out the email explaining why he deserved a chance to interview for his dream job at a well-known production company.

The day he clicked his inbox to find he had gotten the job was one of the best days of his life. He celebrated with a click to make the first payment on that engagement ring he’d picked out.

One morning, just over a year later, Anamika and Rohan found out that they were soon to be parents. They were ecstatic! That very afternoon, they made the most important click they would ever make, when they chose the insurance plan that would keep their little family in safe hands always.

At Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, they know how important insurance is for the security of you and your loved ones. That’s why they have developed a range of protection plans to meet your unique requirements. Just like you have moved your lifestyle from offline to online for everything , they too have made it possible for you to cement your family’s safety in just a few simple clicks. You can browse through their policies online, and simply Click to Insure your loved ones.

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