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May Lord Ganesha Bring You Eternal Bliss and Protect Your Family From Evil

  10/4/18 4:39 AM

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It is for the first time Vivek decided to bring Lord Ganesha after 10 years since he took up residence in his new home after coming back to Mumbai from London.

Vivek’s daughter Tanya is new to these rituals ask her dad about it. Vivek replied, “Lord Ganesha is said to be the God of the Beginning. Be it any ritual or any new beginning, nothing starts without the worship of Lord Ganesha. He has also time and again taken different incarnations to save the world from evil. According to religious history and findings, Lord Ganesha took many avatars to kill monsters and demons that destroyed peace on earth.”

Then why didn’t Lord Ganesha save Grandma, dad? Why she left us? Will he save you and mum from evil now? Tanya questioned again.

Yes, my little princess, he will save me and your Mumma or if something happens to me I may not be with you but your mum will take care of you and I will be with Lord Ganesha and fulfill all your wishes sitting with him.

After losing his mother in a car accident Vivek’s perception of life has changed. He understood that anything can happen at any time. He and his wife Amita has come to Mumbai and planned to buy a term plan which will take care of their child even something happens to him. They looked at multiple choices and finally made up their mind to purchase Edelweiss Tokio Life Zindagi Plus.

The Better half benefit is a feature that enables both the partners to complement each other even after a lifetime!

Under this benefit, after the death of the policyholder, a life cover will start in his/her spouse’s name. This will be 50% of the life cover of the policyholder, up to an amount of Rs. 1cr. The spouse won’t have to pay any premium and the nominee will also get the sum assured. This benefit understands that both the spouses contribute equally to the family’s earnings and comfort. So, in case an unfortunate event occurs to the breadwinner then the nominee gets the sum assured. God Forbid if an unfortunate event occurs to the spouse as well then again the guardian of your offspring will receive the sum assured. This ensures complete financial security for your family.

With the arrival of Lord Ganesha, both Vivek and Amita are filled with positivity and performed all the rituals with a peace of mind that their family is protected now from every evil or mis happening.

At the 10th day, the manner in which the family carries the idol to the car makes it seem less like a celebratory procession to the local pond and more like they’re going to see off a family member at the train station. All that’s missing is a suitcase.

The time to say goodbye has arrived.

Ganpati has gone but he left Vivek and Riya with a hope of a future secured against uncertaintie

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