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7 Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit

  1/2/17 5:12 AM

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Practise staying healthy

‘If you’ve lost wealth, you’ve lost something; if you’ve lost health, you’ve lost everything’. This ancient adage is as true today as it was 100 years back. With economic prosperity, staying healthy and free from disease is not as easy as it was a couple of decades back. Although advances in medical science and medicine in general have helped in increasing life expectancy, the present generation is struggling to remain disease-free. It always helps to practise things that can keep you healthy.

7 tips to keep yourself healthy and fit:

1) Exercise daily. Whether you do jogging ,skipping, yoga or just simply walking the stairs, do some exercise daily. If nothing else, park your car a little distance away from your office and walk down. Exercise is known to have health benefits like lowering of blood cholesterol levels and imroving the blood flow. Besides, it also stimulates various brain chemicals that may lift your mood and leave you a lot happier.

2) Eat a lot of veggies and salads. They help in lowering cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. The antioxidants released by raw vegetables help to combat harmful free radicals.

3) Smile. Just smiling through the day is bound to relieve the stress and anxiety that plagues most office-going professionals today. From the time you step into your car in the morning to drive off to work till the time you step off it to enter your home in the evening, you face a lot of potential stress-inducing events. Although you can’t do a lot about the traffic, meetings, deadlines and presentations etc, you can lighten your mood by deciding to smile through all of it.

4) ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is an old adage which is true more today than ever in the past. Take time off from work to indulge in a sport or a hobby. It offers a distraction from the daily grind.

5) Buy health insurance and life insurance and make your family aware of it. Life is unpredictable and despite all your efforts, you may still fall prey to some cruel turn of fate. Ensure that you and your family are fully prepared whenever any unfortunate event like occurrence of a critical illness or worse happens.

6) Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water on a regular basis keeps your skin radiant and aids in digestion and constipation. It also cools your body down in summers and helps to flush out the toxins inside your body.

7) Watch your weight. Lose weight; it’s the only thing that you can lose with joy. Losing weight is a sureshot way to reduce hypertension. Besides, it helps with keeping a healthy heart and improving your mobility.


So, get on that treadmill, chop raw veggies, scout for insurance, make time for a hobby and above all, smile.

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