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6 vital benefits of routine health checkups you need to know

  11/5/18 6:21 AM

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Mr. A was suffering from high blood pressure. He was taking his blood pressure medicines regularly. He was very particular about it.

The result: He suffered a brain haemorrhage. His brain veins were ruptured due to high blood pressure.

The problem was he did not regularly get his blood pressure checked. Over the years his blood pressure increased, but he was taking medicines prescribed by his doctor years ago.

This real-life incidence tells us two things.

You not only should be regular in taking your medicines but you also should be doing your health check-ups for vital parameters regularly.

You can avoid many severe health conditions by your regular health checkups.

Here we present six benefits of regular health checkups.

  • Signals Things to Come

You become aware of your vital health parameters by regular health checkups. Once you are aware of what is important, you learn how to keep the parameters under check.

Normal blood sugar range is 80-120 in the fasting stage. If two successive tests of fasting blood sugar indicate your sugar level at 100 and 105, it indicates the level is going up.

This should trigger action to deal with it well in advance before the level touches 120 plus.

“One of the best aspects of health care reform is it starts to emphasize prevention.” Anne Wojcicki

The same is true for blood pressure and many other health parameters. Timely action prevents the onset of many health disorders.

  • Detection at an Early Stage

You can know the onset of disease with your regular health check-up. This is important for immediate treatment.

It is easier to bring blood sugar under control when it’s at 150 levels rather than it is it 250 levels.

This is applicable to many diseases. Early detection is extremely critical for a better cure.

“The good-news stories in medicine are early detection, early intervention.” Thomas R. Insel

  • More Time for the Treatment

Some life-threatening diseases like cancer need time for the treatment. Early stage detection of cancer not only is easier to cure but it also gives adequate time for the treatment to the doctor.

Regular check up is important.

  • Lower Healthcare Cost

Even if you are diagnosed with a disease, early detection lowers health care cost. It is easier, speedier, and cheaper to cure early-stage disease than an advanced stage disease.

The only way to find out disease in the early stage is regular health checkups.

  • Lowers Anxiety

Early detection lowers the anxiety of your family members. Lower cost, speedier recovery and early stage of the disease gives psychological comfort to you and your family members.

An advanced stage detection of any disease can play havoc on your family.

  • Caution Others Family Members

One family member detected with a disease can alert all the other family members to do regular health checkups. This also makes them alter their faulty lifestyles.

It should be a regular family affair to get the health tests done at regular intervals depending upon the age of the family members.

Blood pressure, routine urine test, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, common blood count test, and Vitamin D, are some of the common tests everyone should do regularly.

Depending upon the age some of the tests required after 40 are the tests like PSA, Creatinine, liver function test (LFT), PAP smear, breast examination, mammogram, and eye examination.

Usually, these tests are recommended annually. For specific tests and its frequency, you shall consult your doctor.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

You can present it by regular exercise; you can prevent it by regular health check up.

The idea is you must not neglect your regular health checkups. It offers life-saving benefits.

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