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Save On Huge Medical Expenses with Critical Illness Insurance

  4/19/18 5:11 AM

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You might have heard of the term  critical illness insurance and shrugged off the thought reasoning: what more can any health insurance offer for above a mediclaim policy? For understanding how you can save on substantial medical expenses with Critical Illness Insurance first, you need to analyse: what does your existing medical policy offer?

Mediclaim policies can only give you a little reimbursement after the damage is done. But, will that suffice all the financial loss you incur, the monetary stretch which your family bears? Surely not. Therein comes the role of critical illness insurance. Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ policy safeguard you against 17 Critical illnesses like heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant etc.

With changes in lifestyle, reduction in lifespan has come in as a freebie. The increase in critical illness rates is one of the major threats today. These days there is an increased incidence of cases of cancer, kidney diseases etc. In today’s era of technology, major diseases have become curable but, there is a huge cost involved. Let us analyse how getting critical illness insurance will safeguard you and your family against all such possible threats

  • As soon as you are diagnosed with the life-threatening disease, Edelweiss CritiCare+ policy will provide you with a financial pillar. The lump sum payment received can be applied towards getting the best treatment and can also support your family’s day to day requirements.
  • Critical illness insurance comes with highly affordable annual instalments as low as Rs. 2000 p.a. with a total sum assured of Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • Multiclaim option by which you can claim your lump sum for at least three times.

Is there any assurance that a critical illness once occurred will never recur especially for diseases like cancer? Or a person if once suffered from some critical disease will attract none other in future? Disappointingly there is no certainty to such situations.

The benefit of multiclaim policy does not extinguish with the discharge of payment on diagnosis of your first critical illness. Instead, you enjoy the insurance cover for such future uncertainties too. So, while choosing your policy make sure you opt for a multiclaim option, which reimburses you to all succeeding critical illnesses as well.

Opt for the future waiver of premiums

You can choose while entering into the terms of policy for future  waiver of premiums. This will lower down your family’s liability in times of financial distress to pay forthcoming EMI’s.

Maximum cover up to Rs 1 crore

With this insurance policy, you can shield yourself and your family to the extent of maximum Rs. 1 Crore.

Enter into the plan when you are 18 till you turn 65

The golden rule of insurance says lower your age, lower is the insurance premium. The saying holds true in case of critical illness policies as well. You can buy it any time after attaining the age of 18 Years till the time you reach 65.

Insured against 17 most critical illnesses

Edelweiss Criticare+ protects you against the high medical costs related to these 17 most critical illnesses. This cover includes heart attack, kidney failure and many others.

What causes loss of life at present is not the non-availability of treatment, instead, it is non-affordability for the same. Edelweiss CritiCare+ policies support you financially from the very first day; you are diagnosed with the disease. We ensure you get the best treatment in time and your loved ones don’t need to ponder for anything. With  critical illness plans waiting for reimbursements is no more a requirement.

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