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Importance of covering yourself against multiple critical illnesses

  8/16/18 4:58 AM

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In today’s fast-paced world technology is making rapid advances. Life expectancy has increased but the increased stress level has also led to chances of facing a critical illness such as heart attack or cancer. A critical illness may reduce your ability to continue working and also put added pressure on account of the medical expenses involved. Hence, it is important for you to plan well and ensure that your family does not suffer as much as you do when you are faced with a critical illness.

A critical illness has a major impact on an individual’s life. It not only requires major lifestyle alterations on the person’s part but can also lead to unexpected and sometimes exorbitant medical expenditures. With the cost of medical aids soaring high and the number of serious illness cases increasing every day, it is imperative for every individual to be covered against critical illnesses.

Below is the importance of covering yourself against multiple critical illnesses.


Critical illnesses come like a robber! However, the right plan will ensure that you safeguard yourself and your family members against any robbery. With the increase in the list of critical illnesses that one can suffer, it’s difficult for you to predict which critical illness you can be prone to. And hence, it is imperative that you consider securing yourself against multiple critical illnesses so that you and your family members are completely secured.

How to choose the best critical illness plan?

Cost of critical illness is very high:

There is a probability that money to pay for medications may not be sufficiently covered by your regular health plan. A critical illness cover will provide a higher sum assured at lower premium rates. This will help you to not only pay medical expenses but also act as income replacement.

Lump sum benefit on diagnosis:

The insurance company makes a lump sum payment if the policyholder is diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses on a predetermined list.

So, you can see, critical illness cover is important for you to feel secure and help you tide over the tough times when you have to recover at home and cannot be remunerated. It will give you and your family the breathing space required so that you may recover properly from the illness without having to take any undue stress.

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