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  10/16/18 4:35 AM

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Since Karan was a child, he dreamt of working for the people and he proudly says “I’ve made my dreams come true.” He loves heading to work every day. Saving lives gives him a sense of purpose.

Karan is a husband, a father and a surgeon. Karan’s story will tell you what insurance can do for your loved ones and how it helped his family make it through trying times.

“As we speak, my wife Asha is trying a new recipe in the kitchen. She’s as smart as she is beautiful. I want to make sure I’m doing everything in my power to ensure she’s always well looked after the way she does for me. When our daughter was born she decided to become a housewife. It was around this time that I decided to take out a term plan to ensure little Diya and Asha a financial security blanket in case of my absence.

Today, Diya is an intelligent and cheerful young child. Between her academic proficiency and her extraordinary tennis skills, her future looks bright. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide her with the opportunity and the means to nurture her talents and fulfil her dreams, whatever they may be. Bearing this in mind, we took out a ULIP plan which not only gives us an investment option and life cover but a rising star benefit for Diya.

As a couple, we know the value of insurance in securing our family’s future. But having a term plan with critical illness rider was never as important as it was on the night of November 11th, 2015. It was Diwali and I was driving home from work when suddenly there was a crash and everything went dark. A tempo had rammed into my car from the side leaving me with a few broken ribs and a lack of consciousness. I remember coming to in the hospital as I was being wheeled into the ER. I felt like I couldn’t move or breathe and all I could do was panic in place. What was happening to me? And who would take care of Asha and Diya if I could no longer be around? It was one of the most frightening moments of my life.

I remained hospitalised for almost three weeks, and I didn’t get back to work for another 2 months. It was extremely hard seeing my wife and daughter worry about me. Fortunately my term plan gave them one less thing to stress about, with my hospital bills and prescriptions being taken care of.

I was lucky to get out alive, but sometimes I wonder what things would be like if I hadn’t. It isn’t the nicest thing to think about, I know. But as experience has taught me, it pays to be prepared. And I hope that you take the necessary measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against unfortunate events.

As for me, I’m happy being back at work doing what I love. And of course, it’s of some comfort knowing that I have my term plan to rely on, as my patients have me.

Insurance may feel like some expenditure in your present, but goes a long way in securing the future of your loved ones.

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