• 11 JUL 2018

    Why do you need to plan for your retirement at an early age?

    With inflation and increasing prices for necessary items such as food and shelter, having six figures in your bank account is not an option anymore, it is an obligation. Your lifestyle, your social circle, and the respect that you receive from your fellow companions are all determined by the figures in your bank account.

    This makes it evident that special attention has to be paid towards saving money for a financially secure future. When your bones are weary with age, your health in not so good a state, you desire a comfortable albeit quiet retirement. After working hard for a major part of your life, you would want to retire in style and live a life which is free from the worry of household expenses, medical bills and other such expenses that may arise. You would want to fulfill the pending wishes in your bucket list without worrying about trying to make ends meet.

    But all this is difficult without financial planning. In order to ensure this, you must start planning for your retirement at an early age. If you delay the habit of saving money from the start, then it will not only become very difficult for you get into the habit of saving money regularly but it will also leave you with a much smaller sum for your retirement as compared to the sum which you would have accumulated had you started saving at an early age.

    As humans, we all have a tendency to splurge on lavish things and experiences the moment we are handed our paycheck. We often end up buying things which we don’t need and regret later. This is a lesson that you must remember, save first and spend later.

    Setting aside as little as 10% -15% of your salary every month will accumulate into a huge sum by the time you are ready to retire.

    This accumulated sum will act as a financial security in your old age, which can help you manage your household expenses, utility and medical bills and also provide for your luxuries.

    Here are a few things to remember when selecting an investment plan.

    By investing wisely, you will never face the problem of being in debt

    or the inability to pay the bills. While most individuals realize their mistake a little too late, you must start planning for a happy retirement today so that your wings aren’t clipped in the future.

    You can start with Rs 4000 a month and see where it can lead you to, calculate here: https://www.edelweisstokio.in/wealth-plus-online/buy


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