• 3 AUG 2017

    Why Do You Need A Critical Illness Plan


    When most people talk about insurance they generally think of term plans which will provide financial security for their loved ones when they will not be around. But are basic term plans enough?  Will it guarantee financial stability for the family when you are present, but not in a position to work?

    Critical illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure, heart surgery, major burns, and lung or liver disease, etc. are life threatening and very common diseases these days. Such maladies are commonly present.

    A critical illness plan comes as a relief package at times when there are symptoms of life-threatening diseases. It is a disturbing time and there are more downs than ups. Regular visits to hospitals are too expensive and heavy medicine doses have to be taken regularly and continuously. This may force you to take a sabbatical or quit your job for few months. Often no specific assurance is given by doctors about the recovery period. At this time, a critical illness plan can be a helpful friend that can financially support you.

    Your loved ones would constantly be by your side. If your loved ones are financially dependent on your they will have to face a lot of difficulties and financial stress. The hospital bills, household expenses, utility bills, EMIs will all have to be managed by them or your spouse alone.

    This can burden them to a great extent. They may have to exhaust all savings and compromise on their lifestyle to a great extent.

    Wouldn’t you wish that you and your family have a secure and financially stable life during this period? That your salary continues just like how your bills and EMIs are on.  A critical illness plan can provide you financial support when you might not have a fixed monthly income anymore.

    It offers you a chance to minimize the financial burden that can be over you during this period. It provides an immediate lump sum amount on the diagnosis itself so that you and your family can only concentrate on your recovery rather than having financial worries.

    So, why wait in securing yourself and your family against this contingency? Life is unpredictable but you can be prepared against major uncertainties today itself.

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