• 5 MAY 2017

    Why Choose A Guaranteed Returns Insurance Plan

    The world is changing at a pace never seen before. In such a dynamic environment, opportunities for growth as well as a failure is increasing. In today’s scenario, job security is slowly becoming a major issue and as a result, financial stability is at risk.

    To help you get over these problems, financial experts have come up with a guaranteed returns plan which provides with a degree of financial stability. Wondering why choose a guaranteed returns plan? Here are some reasons as to why choosing a guaranteed returns plan is a good idea:

    1. Safety

    Like the name suggests, a guaranteed returns plan gives you assured returns on completion of the maturity period. This assurance and predictability of cash flows make your long-term financial plans easier to manage and execute. You can feel secure to have funds when you need them.

    1. Less risk

    Although certain short-term investments may give higher returns, a guaranteed returns plan is comparatively less risky than them. It wouldn’t be wise to trade off returns with liquidity in investment avenues like equity and related instruments. While other investments to market risks, a guaranteed returns plan is subject to no such conditions. Hence, this is a much safer investment for a family.

    1. Tax Benefits

    Along with safety and security, choosing a guaranteed returns plan also lets you avail tax benefits. While planning for your taxes, it is advisable to choose instruments that serve two purposes: not only would they help you save tax but would also provide the long-term benefits in terms of savings or protection, in line with your financial plans.

    1. Flexible premiums

    A guaranteed returns plan makes provisions for flexible premiums. Based on your income and liquidity levels, choose the amount and mode of premium payments.

    1. Flexible time period

    In your portfolio, a guaranteed returns plan takes the place that you want it to take. It allows you to choose your own maturity period; you can choose for how long you want to pay the premium and maturity period. This allows for every individual buy a plan which is most convenient to him and falls within his financial goals.

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